Various interesting tests help you better understand not only yourself, but also the people around you. Based on how a person sits, what he eats, or how long his neck is, psychologists draw interesting conclusions. We invites you to take a psychological test for your psyche and get to know yourself better.

Mentality test using pictures – pay attention to your neck

This mental picture test was developed to diagnose a person’s personality. Its authors claim that neck length is not just a physiological feature, but a real opportunity to read anyone, like an open book.

  • Long neck

People who have this part of the body objectively long and thin tend to be independent and self-confident. They have a strong character and a strong will, they are used to deciding everything themselves. For them there are no insurmountable tasks – rather, such people are guided by the principle “I can do anything.” They don’t know how to ask for help, they almost never seek advice.

They feel good alone, have few friends and do not like noisy companies. They set boundaries in relationships – it is important for them to feel free. Some people think that those with long necks are withdrawn and rude, but in reality this is introversion.

  • Middle neck

A person with a medium-length neck knows how to maintain balance. Perhaps he has good diplomatic skills – he is like a mediator between two extremes. A person with such a neck refrains from conflicts, believing that peace is more important than being right. Able to discuss a problem and find the most rational solution or compromise.

However, despite such loyalty, there is an ability to take a time out and refuse help, directly voicing your fatigue. Although in fact, taking on the responsibility of solving the problems of everyone around him is the norm for a person with an average neck, and at the same time, he is not used to asking for help.

  • Short neck

Objectively, a short neck indicates a caring, kind and sensitive person – he is always ready to help those in need. Dedicated and faithful, he will remain productive in the long term, even if he sees that everything is not going according to plan. The owner of a short neck is the one who doesn’t give up halfway and will stay by your side even in the darkest times.

It is not easy for him to make friends or relationships, but he chooses with his heart, so if he finds a loved one, it is forever. Often such a person infringes on himself in order to help others, and may participate in charity. He should learn to love himself and spend time only for himself more often.