Why will the Lviv coffee shop visited by Angelina Jolie be demolished?

The hype about Angelina Jolie’s visit to Ukraine has already died down a little. However, the mayor of Lvov, where the star visited, recently added fuel to the fire. Andrei Sadovyi said that the cafe where Jolie was was will be demolished . Before the owners and staff of the coffee shop had time to rejoice over the popularity of their establishment, they learned such unpleasant news. So what’s wrong with the coffee shop? Is it really about Angelina Jolie?

Why the cafe where Jolie was will be demolished

A short excursion into the past. Angelina Jolie surprised Ukrainians a lot when she arrived in Lviv on April 30 . Jolie is the UN Ambassador for Refugees. But this was a private trip for the actress, which she made of her own free will. The star met with refugees and displaced people, and also visited a hospital and a boarding school. The Hollywood beauty listened to the stories of people affected by the war. Some of them moved the actress to tears.

In the meantime, Angelina ran into a coffee shop in the Sykhiv district of Lvov . The moment was caught on video and instantly Angelina in a Lviv cafe became the main news of the day. She was surpassed only by a boy who did not notice the celebrity and continued going about his business on his smartphone. The young man received his dose of fame, because very quickly the photo with him and Jolie in the background became a meme.

So this particular coffee shop, which you definitely saw in photographs on the Internet, is what the Lviv authorities are going to demolish. Did Angelina Jolie bring trouble to the establishment? We hasten to assure you that the actress has nothing to do with this. Although… Perhaps it was her visit that attracted the mayor’s attention to the coffee shop.

Statement by Andrey Sadovoy

Mayor of Lvov Andrey Sadovy became a guest of the STAND UP Battle Club issue. It was to the Lviv stand-up comedians that he told what fate awaited the coffee shop. And this is dismantling. The mayor explained that the MAF where the establishment was located was built illegally . That’s why they are going to demolish it.

“Do you understand what the problem is? This MAF is illegal . And we will dismantle it,” said Andrei Sadovy. By the way, the mayor shared this information after a question about whether he invited Angelina Jolie to drink coffee.

This is what momentary fame turned out to be for the Lviv coffee shop. What can you do, the law comes first.

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