Every person has a heart line on their hand – its meaning is individual depending on how it looks. It turned out that by its location on the palms one can find out hidden character traits. Take the test and learn new things about yourself.

A quick test of a person’s character – look at your heart line

The heart line is the topmost horizontal line on the palm. It can extend across the entire back of the hand and also end anywhere. Pay attention to your palms, see how this mark is located on yours and read the transcript of the test.

  • The heart line on the left hand coincides with the right

If you put your two palms together in a boat shape and see the lines touching, then you are a strong person, but you do not like to be the center of attention. You prefer peace and tranquility, are emotionally stable and are not inclined to look for “adventures in one place.” You like a measured and understandable life; it’s difficult to call you a king or queen of drama. You are sociable and reliable, you can be trusted.

  • The heart line on the right hand is higher than on the left hand

With such indicators, palmists and psychologists say that you are a person who successfully combines wisdom and intelligence. You know how to love and care for others, you will do it to the last, even if it seems that there is no point. You feel sympathy for mature and accomplished individuals; you do not like the role of a teacher. You are not particularly worried about the opinions of other people, you prefer to live freely, but at the same time remain true to your choice.

  • The heart line on the palm on the left is higher than on the palm on the right

In this case, experts say that we have a strong, strong-willed and independent person. He loves and knows how to make decisions, and can be responsible for his life on his own. You don’t need someone else to feel happy – loneliness doesn’t scare you.

If you suddenly find yourself at a disadvantage, you can challenge yourself and work hard to improve your performance. You believe that character needs to be strengthened – you use all available methods for this.