Why did Brad Pitt wear a skirt for the red carpet and what reaction did it cause?

Before the discussions about Brad Pitt’s recent spectacular photo shoot had died down , the Hollywood actor again began to surprise the audience. Now the movie star is traveling around the world on a tour in support of the new film with his participation, “Faster than a Bullet.” Pitt did not go unnoticed in Paris, where many appreciated his cute peach outfit, but in Berlin, where the actor went on tour later, he outdid himself. Brad Pitt walked the red carpet in a skirt . This appearance caused mixed reactions: from delight to complete rejection.

Brad Pitt in a skirt on the carpet in Berlin

Brad Pitt chose a special outfit for his Berlin appearance. He was wearing a brown skirt suit and a pink linen shirt. The look was completed with rough boots, sunglasses and a neck accessory. In this image, Pitt happily posed for photographers, and it was noticeable that he was in very high spirits.

The asymmetrical hem of the skirt exposed Brad’s knees. Many also noticed the actor’s tattoos on his legs: a hippopotamus on one and a skull on the second. Of course, after Pitt’s release , heated discussions about the actor’s image began online . Someone jokes that he took the skirt from his ex-wife Angelina Jolie , someone is amazed at the very fact that a Hollywood macho chose such a piece of clothing. And some people think that Brad looks great in any outfit.

„Fire! Just the same Brad Pitt that I adore!”, “Brad was created for the red carpet, so, in principle, it doesn’t matter what he wore there,” “At the same time, the man is 58 years old. Admiring”, “The stereotype of masculinity is broken. Brad in a skirt is a real man in great shape,” “Everything suits Brad, even this skirt ,” fans praise the actor.

However, hundreds of compliments were overshadowed by a completely different look at Brad’s image. Many were not so generous with pleasant words : “He looked like a young woman in a bad suit,” “Looked like a homeless person who has the same shoes for all seasons.” And he walks around wrapped in rags in the heat,” “It looks like Mymra Kalugina’s costume! Very defiant”, “I know that skirts/dresses are found in men’s wardrobes. But this particular suit is strange, all wrinkled and crooked”, “How can I unsee this?”, “The outfit of an old maid in cast-offs.”

This is not the actor’s first appearance in a skirt.

Many people support the stereotypical opinion that a skirt is exclusively women’s clothing. But it is worth noting that in ancient times, and even in the High Middle Ages, men not only wore skirts, but also fought in them. Remember Pitt in the movie „Troy“. Nobody pointed fingers at him then.


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By the way, Pitt’s historical outfit in “Troy” is also not the last in which there was a skirt. In Brad’s recent photo shoot for the Spanish gloss GQ, he also appeared in a skirt in one of the frames. But the most striking, undoubtedly, were the shots from Pitt’s long-standing famous photo shoot for Rolling Stone. Then the actor generally posed in short dresses . This was just before the release of the movie “Fight Club”.


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Perhaps soon skirts on men will no longer surprise anyone. After all, stars are gradually bringing back this trend, increasingly appearing in skirts at public events. And in the hot summer this can be a salvation for men. By the way, as it turned out, it was the abnormal heat in Europe that prompted Brad to wear a skirt in Berlin. He shared this with journalists from The Associated Press .

Other memorable Pitt outfits from his last tour

Of course, the suit with a skirt became the most talked about and overshadowed all the actor’s other outfits. But they are also worth paying attention to. My favorite is the pink suit that Brad also wore in Berlin. It looks so relaxed, but at the same time fresh.

I will also note the peachy Parisian look of the celebrity. You don’t even look at the Eiffel Tower in the background, because all the attention is on Pitt.

Which actor’s outfit from the tour did you like best? Share your opinion in the comments.

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