Why Bill Gates decided to give his fortune to charity.

Bill Gates has already made history. But the founder of Microsoft , it turns out, is capable of even more. Making money and becoming one of the richest_people_on_the_planet is impressive. But what is more impressive is that the entrepreneur is going to transfer almost all of his money (and this is more than 120 billion dollars!) to the Bill_Gates_Foundation, that is, to donate to charity. We will tell you further what prompted the famous philanthropist to make this decision.

“I’ll leave the list of the richest_people_in_the_world”: The Bill_Gates_Foundation is expecting a large-scale donation

Bill Gates is known not only as an entrepreneur and billionaire, but also as a philanthropist. In 2010, Bill_signed_the_Giving_Pledge with his ex-wife Melinda , which was also joined by other famous people. This oath is a moral obligation in which a person agrees to give_at_least_half_of_his_wealth to charity. Gates already decided to go further and promised to donate 95% of his fortune. The example of Gates and Warren Buffett, who also signed the oath, was followed by many rich and successful people. More than 150 billionaires around the world have joined the initiative.


And now, it seems, the moment of parting with money for Bill Gates has almost arrived. The entrepreneur said that he intends to leave the list of the_richest_people on_the_planet . And the_Gates_Foundation, a charitable foundation that Bill founded together with Melinda , his ex-wife, will help him in this.

“I plan to give almost all of my fortune to the foundation . “I will move down and leave the list of the richest people in the world ,” said Bill Gates.

Why now

Bill Gates made donations to the fund regularly. The businessman_donated_$6_billion_to_charity every year. But now, according to Gates, this is such a time of crisis that this is not enough. The entrepreneur emphasizes that recent years have become very difficult for humanity . Bill considers the coronavirus pandemic and the war that continues in Ukraine to be the most catastrophic events .

Bill Gates considers it his duty to donate money to charity. In this way, he plans to somehow reduce suffering and improve people’s living standards . In addition, Gates hopes that his action will become a good example for other rich people who occupy a privileged place in society. “I hope they will also take a step forward ,” says the entrepreneur.

Gates‘ decision was warmly received in society. „Well done! You can’t take billions to the next world anyway,” “He’s a good man, I respect him. And he achieved everything himself,” “A man with a broad soul ,” users write on the Internet.


Recall that Bill and Melinda Gates founded their charitable foundation in 2000. The couple_recently_separated after 27 years of marriage. Today Gates is on the 4th line in the ranking of the richestpeople. He is ahead of ElonMusk, JeffBezos and BernardArnault.

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