Together for 7 years! The story of how Tina Kunaki and Vincent Cassel met – the most unusual celebrity couple.

Together for 7 years! Tina Kunaki and Vincent Cassel celebrated their anniversary . I can’t believe that so much time has passed since the model and actor met in Ibiza. But 7 years did not fly by without a trace for Kunaka and Kassel. They managed to get married and give birth to a beautiful daughter, Amazon. Does anyone else doubt the sincerity of their feelings? When you look at the pictures that Tina posted in honor of the anniversary, all doubts disappear by themselves. Let’s remember the history of how celebrities met . It has its own charm.

Tina Kunaki and Vincent Cassel celebrated their anniversary

7 years ago, fate brought Vincent and Tina together in Ibiza. The young and spectacular model immediately drew attention to the brutal Kassel. True, Tina later admitted that she had no idea who he was . Kunaki grew up in the village. And, according to the girl, she was far from the world of cinema. There wasn’t even a TV in Tina’s house! Then she went to school, played football with friends and did not suspect that somewhere there was a Vincent who would become her husband in the future.

Even in Ibiza, when she met Vincent, Kunaki had no idea that there was a famous actor in front of her. Kassel immediately liked the girl . Once he admitted that then, at the sight of Tina, the rest of the world seemed to cease to exist for him.

But what serious intentions can you talk about when you are relaxing on an island where the atmosphere is conducive only to holiday romances? To be honest, many fans of Vincent and Tina thought so – nothing would work out for them. They’ll play enough and run away. In addition, many were haunted by the age difference between Tina and Vincent. Is 30 years a joke? But, as you can see, everyone who did not believe in real feelings between celebrities was very mistaken.

Within a couple of months after they met, Kunaki and Cassel began to appear together in public. They did not pay attention to conversations about themselves and seemed to enjoy every minute spent together. Since Tina initially did not know who Vincent was, she had no idea who his ex-wife was. Kunaki did not face any accusations against her, because Vincent had already been divorced for a couple of years when he met Tina. But the young model faced constant comparison. Bellucci, they say, is an ideal, but Kunaki is no match for her. But this opinion will be subjective in any case.

Seventh anniversary and new photos

How surprised were all those who doubted the longevity of the relationship between Tina and Vincent when the couple got married in 2018. Now celebrities are celebrating the seventh anniversary of their relationship . On the Internet, Kunaki shared archival photos for this occasion, which she had not previously shown to the public. Very cute home shots.

Happy anniversary to the actor and model! Let the relationship only get stronger.

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