They didn’t take their eyes off each other. Why is everyone discussing Richard Gere’s exit with his young wife?

For many, American actor Richard Gere still remains Edward Lewis, whom he played in the cult “Pretty Woman.” Of course, Gere still has a lot of successful roles, and his career could not have worked out better. Now the celebrity is already 72_years_old. And we see that he also succeeded in his personal life: he married for the third_time, and also became a father again. Recently, Richard_Gere and his_young_wife_Alejandra_Silva appeared at a film festival in Italy . And the fans were delighted with their appearance.

RichardGere with_his_young_wife: fresh photos delighted the Network

Recently, the Magna_Graecia_film_festival was held in Italy, where Richard Gere was a guest. He was accompanied by his wife Alejandra Silva, a_39-year-old_Spanish_publicist . Gere received a special award at the event. He was once again noted for his achievements in cinema. It was immediately clear that his wife was proud of Richard and very happy for him. Moreover, the lovers did not leave each other and did not take their eyes off each other.

Fans are delighted with the cute couple . “Well done! Love gives strength and courage”, “Alejandra is a very nice woman”, “And at this age Richard remains a handsome man”, “The age difference does not bother me at all. They look good together,” “Richard is great. So what, what, 72 years. Life goes on,” “But the marriage is definitely conscious, and not out of youthful stupidity ,” write fans of the couple on the Internet.

Of course, the couple also has haters. Where would we be without this? The couple is mainly criticized for their age difference . You can also often find comments that it was in vain that Richard decided to have a child with Alejandra “in his old age.” Yes, it’s a good age. But this is everyone’s personal matter.

The couple chose elegant looks for the event. Richard stays true to the classics : he wore a black suit and a white shirt. His wife Alejandra wore a gold-toned floor-length dress with an interesting print. The woman completed her look with massive earrings and sandals. Alejandra wore a smart watch on her hand.

Richard_Gere and Alejandra_Silva: the story of a couple

Marriage_to_Alejandra was Richard_Gere’s_third . Before this, back in the last century, Gere had a relationship with Cindy_Crawford . He later married again. The actor’s chosen one was actress_Carey_Lowell. Alas, this marriage also broke up. But Gere did not give up on his personal life.

In 2014, he met Alejandra. True, at that time both he and his future chosen one were married. Later, the actor beautifully courted Alejandra and still waited until the moment when the woman agreed to become his wife . The wedding took place in New York. Now_the_couple has two_children_together. There are also children from previous marriages.

Richard admits that Alejandra made him the happiest man in the world . “I am married to a_beautiful_woman_who_is_smart, sensual, patient, forgiving and loves to help people. She’s also a great_cook and makes_the_best_salads_in the world ,” notes the actor.

Do you like the couple_Richard and Alejandra? Do they look harmonious together?

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