Why Victoria Beckham was criticized for her plus-size outfits.

Victoria Beckham diligently monitors her figure. The mother of four children, with a height of 163 cm, weighs up to 50 kg (according to various sources, 48–49 kg). The clothes produced by the Victoria brand were also usually designed for slender women. However, now Beckham has not only reconsidered her attitude to beauty standards, but also made changes to the concept of her brand. So, Victoria Beckham began to sew clothes in large sizes . Some models are already presented on the brand’s website. Interestingly, such a move drew both approval and harsh criticism. Why the British designer is criticized is further in the material.

Why Victoria Beckham started making plus size clothes

Victoria Beckham increasingly began to speak out about her views on slimness and self-acceptance. The former “peppercorn” herself has nothing to worry about being overweight . But the interesting thing is that now the designer, on the contrary, admires curvy women more than slimness or thinness . Victoria spoke about this in an interview with Grazia. She noted that a woman, trying to be thin, acts in a very old-fashioned way.

Beckham is delighted with young ladies who, having curvaceous figures, do not seek to get rid of them , but, on the contrary, present them as a virtue. Such ladies know how to show themselves. They are healthy, curvy, confident and happy with themselves. This is what we need to strive for, according to Victoria.

It seems that it was precisely because of these views that Victoria decided to create clothes for plus-size women. Some models up to size 18 (international size XL) have already appeared on the brand’s website . These models include a midi skirt suit with a crop top and a tight asymmetrical dress. It is likely that the designer will soon expand the selection of plus size clothing.

Approval and criticism

Many were delighted with this innovation in Victoria Beckham’s collection. A source close to the designer said that Victoria herself is very proud of this decision . He also praised the designer for his commitment to change. True, he noted that this should have been done even earlier.

“Finally, Victoria jumped on this train. It’s great, she’s very proud of her new collection. This will attract new customers who are ready to purchase its products. Let’s face it, she’s a little late, but she’s changing eventually,” says the insider.

At the same time, Beckham was not without criticism. After all, it seemed to many that Victoria did not approach the task of creating plus-size clothes seriously . It’s not enough to just make an outfit big. It is also necessary to take into account that clothes should suit your body type. For example, if a woman has a problem area – her stomach, then she is unlikely to wear a cropped top and a tight skirt. And it’s not even about accepting your body, but simply about comfort. When you can’t sit down, breathe in, or breathe out in an outfit, you don’t really want to wear it.

“XL women don’t wear clothes like that. Victoria needs to look at them and analyze what they are comfortable wearing,” “Here we also need to take into account the British and American mentality. Many people there don’t bother, they put on what they like, not what fits,” “First they sew these covers for girls, and then you look – now it sticks out here, now it sticks out there. It’s better to make clothes with a looser silhouette (not oversized), that don’t constrain or restrict, and you can sit down and bend over,” users write on the Internet.

Users also suspected that Victoria in this way decided not to show concern for plus-size women, but simply to increase her income from sales by reaching a wider audience. Considering that the Victoria brand is now in debt (more than $65 million), this is a logical assumption.

Did you like the new Victoria brand models for plus-size women?

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