“Language skills are no longer available to him.” Bruce Willis’s condition worsens.

As you know, the Die Hard star has been battling dementia for over a year now . Throughout this time, Willis has always been supported by his family and friends. But the action star’s situation still isn’t improving. What director Glenn Caron told about Bruce_Willis’s_condition and why the man thinks his friend is fading, you will find out in the next couple of minutes.

Glenn Caron on Bruce_Willis’s_condition

One can only imagine what it was like for loyal fans of Die Hard to learn about the end of his film career. After all, the actor, who has been acting since the early eighties, managed to take part in more than a hundred projects, leaving behind a serious mark on world cinema. Alas, in 2022, the star of the series “Moonlight Detective Agency” was diagnosed with aphasia, due to which there was no question of subsequent roles.

Today, as it turned out, the actor’s situation has only worsened. Thus, the director of the mentioned series Glenn Caron, speaking about the condition of Bruce Willis, admitted that his old friend is already having difficulty remembering him. “I felt that in the first one to three minutes he remembered who I was. Bruce isn’t very talkative. He used to be an avid reader, although he didn’t want anyone to know about it. But now he doesn’t read ,” Caron said in a conversation with PageSix.

Moreover, according to the director, Die Hard’s condition is only getting worse. The man is still Bruce Willis , but it’s becoming increasingly difficult for him to speak. And the very joy of life, most likely, is gradually leaving the actor’s consciousness. “ All these_language_skills_are no_longer_available_to_him. And yet he is still Bruce. When you’re around, you know he’s Bruce. And you’re grateful he’s still with us. But even the simple joy of life is already gone.”

“Looks at life as if through a closed door”

Glenn Caron also admitted that he tries to visit his old friend as often as possible. Despite his busy schedule, the man often communicates with Willis’s family to find out about his condition. The director himself believes that he has never met anyone in his life who had more joy in life than the actor.

So, according to Caron, Bruce always tried to live every day to the fullest. Alas, progressive dementia has already taken its toll. The director also believes that the blockbuster star today “looks at life as if through a closed door.” Which, of course, cannot but upset.

It is worth noting that the 68-year-old actor is being looked after by his wife Emma Heming, who gave birth to two_daughters. Bruce_Willis is also_supported by ex-wife_Demi Moore and daughters born in the man’s first_marriage. However, the time of „Die Hard“, unfortunately, is slowly but surely running out. One can only imagine what it is like for his family and friends now…

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