How much-how much? What J.Lo’s 3 expensive wedding dresses looked like.

Some brides are against any guests_coming to the wedding in a white_dress. They are probably afraid that they will be overshadowed at the holiday. I want to be the one and only beauty in white. Interestingly, at the wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck , on the contrary, there was a white dress code. JLo didn’t seem to worry one bit that someone would look more luxurious than her. But there really was no need to worry, because Jennifer Lopez’s wedding dress from Ralph Lauren was difficult to outshine. By the way, in the photo from the wedding we only saw one dress. And it turns out that the star had three of them! Now we will show and tell you everything.


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Jennifer Lopez’s wedding dress: three gorgeous star outfits

Fans already thought that they wouldn’t see J.Lo’s gorgeous wedding . The fact is that initially Ben and Jennifer modestly got married in Las Vegas with virtually no guests. Considering how much the couple doesn’t like nosy paparazzi and journalists, one would think that everything would end with a painting, and there would be no wedding. But Jennifer could not deny herself the pleasure of showing off in front of her relatives, friends and loved ones in her bridal outfit.

The celebration took place at Ben Affleck’s mansion. Decorators decorated the area with white flowers, arches and paths. The guests wore white outfits . The groom also supported the dress code and chose a white jacket. But, be that as it may, at any wedding the most attention is paid to the bride. All eyes were also on Jennifer Lopez .

Unfortunately, there are practically no photos from the wedding, especially high-quality ones. But in the photos that the paparazzi took, you can at least somehow see Lopez’s dress . It was stunning: a long train, a silhouette that emphasized Jennifer’s figure, and a six-meter veil. By the way, it was carried by Jen and Ben’s children from previous marriages.


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Публикация от Ralph Lauren (@ralphlauren)

Ralph Lauren brand dresses

Fans really wanted to see Lopez’s dress closer, and the Ralph Lauren brand, which created the outfit, delighted fans. Moreover, it turned out that Jennifer had not even one dress, but three . And they can be viewed on the brand’s Instagram account.

Representatives from Ralph Lauren wrote online: “In honor of Jennifer and Ben’s wedding, we created three custom bridesmaid dresses with love, care, and attention to every detail . ” After taking a closer look at the dresses, fans wrote a lot of enthusiastic comments about them. Dresses are called not just clothes, but works of art .

Which dress impresses you the most? We love the quirky pearl chandelier dress . The brand’s craftsmen had to work hard on it. “Together, 30_artisans_worked for 700_hours to hand-embroider the_dress_with micro-pleats of silk_tulle, tiny_resin and pearl_embellishments, and sparkling_Swarovski_crystals ,” Ralph Lauren said.

However, all the dresses had their own twist. And Jennifer shone in each of them.

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