Lana Del Rey responded to accusations of witchcraft and connections with the devil.

What rumors about Lana Del Rey have not circulated in the press! The charming singer was accused of racial discrimination and romanticization of abusive relationships, plagiarism and even hidden advertising of tobacco products. Usually Lana is very indifferent to such claims. But the sudden accusation of witchcraft completely drove the beauty crazy! And it’s quite understandable. Imagine that out of the blue they begin to accuse you of demon worship, the use of black magic and direct communication with the enemy of the human race!

Lana Del Rey Rumors: The Witch Hunt Has Begun!

Return to the Middle Ages

According to modern data, around 50 thousand people suffered from medieval witch hunts. The victims of attacks were predominantly women, often grandmothers and widows. Property issues were regularly the reason for reservations . Relatives and acquaintances simply settled scores with unwanted ladies.

Of course, the shameful years of witch hunts are long gone. But in recent decades, new people appear every now and then who want to continue this vile activity. Here you have both cheap popularity and the opportunity to deal with someone through the wrong hands. These would-be saints would be happy to drag anyone to the stake. Yes, the public will not understand, these are not the times.

Unpleasant incident

It all started with an incident at one of Lana Del Rey’s summer concerts in Mexico. There, the beauty’s fans who had gathered in front of the stage suddenly fell to the ground in a crowd. Experts studied the video and found the cause of the incident . A banal chain reaction happened: one tripped, caught the other two in their fall, they pulled those around them, and away we go…

Unexpected accusation

But then the notorious and very popular Christian blogger Tracy Coston joined the discussion of what happened. Tracy stated in a categorical tone: people, they say, got caught because they could not withstand the tension of Lana’s demonic energy . By the way, this is a direct quote from Madame Coston’s speech!

Further more. According to the Christian blogger, Lana Del Rey attracts the public’s attention to her songs with spells encrypted in the lyrics. And at concerts, according to Tracy, the singer literally infuses sinister entities into the bodies of fans . Let us note that Madame Coston made all these accusations in all seriousness!

Lana’s reaction

Someone else in the place of the beauty would not have paid any attention to such a slander. But Lana Del Rey was raised in a Catholic family, still considers herself a religious person and regularly attends church. That is why the singer personally attacked the would-be saint, publicly denying all the accusations against her.

Rumor has it that this is exactly what Tracy Coston wanted . Usually, rumors about Lana Del Rey don’t affect the singer much. Tracy managed to find Lana’s vulnerable spot. Now a lot of people are learning about the Christian blogger who would otherwise never have been interested in her. And it looks like that’s exactly what Madame Coston needed!

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