Deception everywhere! What does Jennifer Lopez look like without a wig?

Luxurious long hair is one of the advantages of Jennifer Lopez . Yes, many people think so, without even suspecting that the star has artificial hair. JLo has a whole room full of wigs! And the artist’s native hair is not so chic. Surprised? Recently, the artist went for a walk and did not wear a wig. Now we’ll show you what Jennifer Lopez looks like without a wig.

Jennifer Lopez without a wig

Jennifer Lopez diligently takes care of herself and, undoubtedly, looks great at 53. In many photographs of the artist, it is impossible to take your eyes off her healthy, shiny and voluminous hair. But the truth is that the star most often uses wigs for performances and photo shoots . Jen chooses them very well, because it is almost impossible to determine that a star is wearing a wig.

However, Jennifer’s hair is also not bad. Just not as long and curvy . She recently showed them off while walking with her stepdaughter, Ben Affleck’s eldest daughter Violet. JLo walked carefree with a 16-year-old girl in Beverly Hills. And it seems that even without luxurious curls, the singer feels confident.


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Lopez had a retro hairstyle for the walk . Using cosmetics, the star created additional volume on her head. It turned out well, but it looks completely different from what we are used to seeing.


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JLo also chose a stylish outfit for herself. Often the star focuses on her figure , choosing special things: either tight jeans or mini dresses. But this time Lopez dressed very discreetly , emphasizing her natural elegance. The actress was wearing light trousers and a white T-shirt. The emphasis was placed on the waist, emphasizing it with a brown belt. A massive handbag, sunglasses and lots of jewelry completed the look.


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Jennifer Lopez’s Beauty Recipes

JLo has her own cosmetics brand. She says that she was able to discover real beauty recipes, which are used in her cosmetics. However, J.Lo’s main secret is far from cosmetics . Perhaps, first of all, it is a healthy lifestyle. The artist is famous for the fact that she likes to control everything. This applies to her diet and exercise.

Jennifer almost completely gave up alcohol. She also does not smoke and tries to eat only healthy foods. Lopez and coffee are not on the menu. She stopped drinking it because she believes that caffeine is one of the main enemies for the skin.

In the mornings, the artist likes to do yoga. She also goes to the gym. But all this would be ineffective, the singer believes, if not for a healthy 10-hour sleep . Of course, it’s hard to believe that a star with such a busy schedule finds 10 hours a day to sleep. But clear planning helps Jennifer manage everything and become a time master.

What do you think of the new celebrity photos from the walk? Do you think she should go out more often without a wig?

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