How does Indian Monica Bellucci live, young star Ananya Panday.

Almost every promising actress has faced criticism from the public at the beginning of her career. Gorgeous? I definitely got into the movie through the producer’s bed! Average appearance? Connections helped, and nothing else! Fame and honor come to actresses only later, after many trials. Ananya Panday, the rising star of Bollywood , who will be discussed below, has been confronting many spiteful critics since childhood. Fortunately, this girl had something to answer to the attacks of her enemies.

Ananya Panday, Bollywood celebrity

New star

Over the past decades, movie lovers have become accustomed to seeing Indian beauties on screen . The legendary Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra shone even against the background of the main Hollywood divas. Well, now 24-year-old Ananya Panday has taken the palm from world-renowned actresses.

The girl’s filmography so far includes only eight films , among which there are both very popular and flop films. But despite her uneven career, the public already recognizes Ananya as a worthy heir to Aishwarya and Priyanka. In the ratings of the main beauties of Indian cinema, Pandey has been at the top for many years now!

Girl born in a shirt

The critics don’t like Ananias. Many believe that the beauty made it onto the set solely thanks to money and family connections. In fact, Pandey was born into a very wealthy family . Ananya’s father Chunky Pandey is a famous actor. The star’s mother is a costume designer, his grandfather is a skilled heart surgeon, his uncle is a wealthy businessman, and his aunt is a popular trainer.

Yes, the Pandey family are by no means millionaires . But this clan cannot be classified as common people either. Thanks to the money of her relatives, Ananya Panday received a first-class education. And it is not at all surprising that with age the girl decided to follow in her father’s footsteps. However, according to fans, the young actress has her own beauty and talent, inherent in her since childhood.

A difficult situation

Anania herself, in response to unfounded criticism in her direction, founded a civil initiative that protects victims of bullying. However, Pandey does not consider himself a victim. On the contrary, I am confident that sooner or later I will achieve success. Therefore, he is working at an accelerated pace on new and new films.

Ananya Panday admits that nepotism exists in Bollywood . But she calls herself simply an actress from a wealthy family. And he speaks about himself as follows: “Acting is not as easy as it seems. If you have access to the stage, but no talent, no one will invest money in you . “

Note that the films in which Anania appears are not made by her father’s friends. And film experts speak positively about the girl’s work. Well, time will tell who was right in this situation. And remember, even the success of Monica Bellucci was at one time attributed to the influence of her father, the director of a trucking company. Young Monica herself was once called “pretty, but brainless.”

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