What habits indicate that you are smarter than most?

There are some habits that make people stand out. At first glance, they may even be bad: chewing gum frequently or voicing complaints. However, there are some things that can tell you that you are smarter than most. What are the signs of high intelligence ?

Signs of High Intelligence

Some traits that smart people have make them stand out from the rest. If you sometimes talk to yourself , don’t be scared and don’t think that it’s bad or abnormal. This is one of the traits that are signs of high intelligence. Scientists believe that listening to your own conversation is very useful. Thinking or reading your text is not the same. Psychotherapists say that talking to yourself is a completely healthy practice, and it also indicates developed emotional intelligence.


Many people don’t like people who complain often, even if they do it respectfully. Like, you could have remained silent. But voicing complaints is another sign of emotional intelligence . This behavior means that you are attentive to your surroundings, aware of what should happen and how.

Ability to control yourself

Scientists have found that smart people most often have a high level of self-control . This applies to many areas of life. In fact, self-control is considered one of the best_ways_to_live a healthy lifestyle. The sooner a person understands this, the better.

Chewing gum and bitten nails

It would seem that these are not the best habits. But research shows that chewing_gum_helps improve_memory, and the habit_of_biting_nails is often associated with perfectionists . Perfectionism is associated with high intelligence .

Comfortable solitude

People_with_high_emotional_intelligence tend to be okay with being alone with their thoughts and ideas. They don’t need to constantly communicate to be happy. Because they can be so involved in their own affairs, they are not afraid of missing out by not attending_social_events. Instead, they only have_a_few_close friends and enjoy the time they have.

Small circle of friends

This sign is closely related to the previous one. It is believed that smarter_people have fewer_friends and smaller_social_circles because they are more independent. Highly_intelligent_people_can_solve their problems and entertain themselves on their own. True, you don’t need to assume that if you have a lot of friends, then you don’t shine with intelligence. Please note that this is only a general_characteristic.

Have you noticed similar signs and traits in yourself or in someone you know? Do you think they are related to intelligence?

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