David Beckham caught his wife lying about her childhood. Someone is waiting for a showdown.

As you probably know, on October 4, the long-awaited documentary mini-series about the Beckham family was released on the Netflix streaming platform . And, of course, today on the Internet it is quite difficult not to run into yet another celebrity confession about what happens behind closed doors. For example, during filming, David Beckham caught his wife in a lie. What happened and why some users laugh and others are indignant, you will find out with us in the next couple of minutes.

David Beckham caught his wife in a lie

Each of us has a different childhood. Some are born with a golden spoon in their mouth and can afford an early career in the world of show business. Others are forced to start earning their own food in adolescence. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that neither the first nor the second can understand each other’s problems.

That’s why it’s even funnier to watch the efforts of some world-class stars trying to show their position as less expensive than it actually is. For example, during the filming of a documentary mini-series, David Beckham caught his wife in a lie. This happened at a time when Victoria was talking about her childhood and how she came to today’s popularity.

But, apparently, the ex-member of the Spice Girls group decided to embellish her story somewhat. So, recalling her childhood, the fashion designer called her parents from the working class, who worked day and night. Alas, David himself did not allow him to share such a touching story with his wife .

“What car did your father drive you to school?”

“I just liked him, it was that simple. Yes, I think we both come from families that worked very hard. Our parents worked very hard. We are working class ,” Victoria began. “Be honest,” insisted David, suddenly appearing in the room. The fashion designer began to brush it off, saying that she was already telling the truth. But her husband was difficult to fool.

“What car did your father drive you to school?” — the athlete asked his wife with a grin. The latter again began to avoid a direct answer, citing various circumstances in her family. But in the end, Victoria gave in, admitting that in the eighties her father had a Rolls-Royce.

And while some Internet users just laugh at this situation, others are seriously indignant. “They are the ones who then organize trainings with the words “you just need to believe in yourself.” Well, yes, it’s obviously easier to trust with dad’s money.” By the way, there are still others who believe that everything was filmed in accordance with the script. After all, in this way the Beckhams clearly managed to attract more attention to themselves, didn’t they?

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