Choose a symbol and find out what your soul requires right now.

Our subconscious is a very mysterious thing that has not yet been properly studied. And it is there, according to many, that all our true problems and desires lie. It’s not so easy to get answers from there, but we’ll try. Choose one of the symbols , it will tell you what you need to be happy at the moment.

a lion

Leo always dominates and decides where to go. If you chose a lion, then now you find yourself in a cage that you built for yourself. Most likely, you spent a lot of effort and time to build your life, but it turned out to be not what you really need.

This means that in order to find happiness, you need to abandon the old and take a new path. You need to come to terms with the previously made choice, because you made it. Moreover, he made you wiser, and now this wisdom needs to be used to find and build the very life that will make you happy.


You feel trapped in time. It’s like it’s frozen or you’re left somewhere in the past. Often this feeling comes after a trauma or painful experience. All that’s left today is the feeling that you’re slowly but surely drowning.

In order to solve this problem, you need to come to terms with time and realize its naturalness. It is also important to come to terms with your past, draw conclusions and realize that you have become stronger and wiser than then. And with these cards in hand, boldly move forward, fearing nothing.


The month indicates that a storm is raging in your heart. Passion, hatred, anger or fear. Something that you hide during the day from others and yourself, and at night you are left alone with it. Agree, you cannot live in such a regime.

First of all, you need to understand and admit what is gnawing at you so much. Recognition is the first step towards a solution. We must remember that suppressed emotions do not lead to good. And by opening them, you will also lose the fear of them, which will allow you to finally breathe deeply.


You’ve been looking for answers all your life, but the questions just keep getting bigger and bigger. Eventually you lose faith that you will ever get them and you just stop looking. Even things that you considered immutable no longer seem so. You don’t believe in anything anymore and you don’t look for anything.

In this case, you need to wake up again, open up to new events and sensations. To believe that all the answers are already here, you just have to turn the corner again. We must remember that water does not flow under a lying stone, which means that in order to find answers, you cannot stop looking for them.


You long for freedom, but only you can give it to yourself. No one can help you, you must accept yourself to escape the trap. Realize your weaknesses and strengths, forgive yourself for your mistakes. You just need to love yourself, and life will sparkle with new colors.

Here’s a simple test. What can you say, did these symbols manage to hit the mark?

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