A passionate queen or a gentle charmer: what does the position in which you like to sit say?

Facial expressions, gestures and even the position in which a person most often sits can tell a lot about his character. If you’ve watched the series Lie to Me, then you understand what we’re talking about. Reading people, of course, is not so easy. However, you don’t need to be an outstanding physiognomist to find out some details about a person. You shouldn’t expect to read someone like an open book in a moment, but with a little attentiveness, you’ll succeed. To begin with, we offer you a personality test based on the position you most often take when sitting.

Personality test

When you sit down (no matter where: on the subway, in a cafe with a friend, at home for lunch), you automatically take the most comfortable position for yourself. It turns out that your posture is not only about convenience and comfort. It also characterizes your inner message and character in general. Look carefully at the photo and choose the pose that you most often take when sitting down. And we will tell you what this means.

The character is gentle, but with a hint of pepper

If most often you sit as shown in picture No. 1, then you are a person with external armor. If someone manages to break through it, he will see the gentle soul of a soft and loving person . You are aware of your attractiveness, so sometimes you can play to the audience. You usually keep your chosen one in good shape, making the relationship either hotter or slightly cooler. When you play “hot or cold” in a relationship, that’s when your spice comes out.

Aesthetics, purity and love

Pose No. 2 is characteristic of people who see beauty in everything . You look at the world with some special look – as if through bright glasses that make even inconspicuous things beautiful. But the point is not in the glasses, but in the special property of your soul – to see beauty in ordinary things. By nature you are an esthete and also a very positive person. Your incredible attractiveness means that there are many fans and friends around you. To the people who matter to you, you give an endless stream of kindness every day.

Passionate Queen

Chances are, if your position is #3, you want more than anything to be desired. You broadcast this message to the world every day: every morning you wake up looking like a queen. This is how you attract admiring glances. However, it is worth noting that you also have a fair bit of bitchiness in you. In a relationship, passion comes first for you. If it is not there, then they simply go out. You try with all your might to keep the fire in your relationship so that the sparks of love and passion are as bright as fireworks.

Openness and charm

Pose No. 4 characterizes open people. You are a special person because all the love you receive seems to be doubled in your heart and returned to the world. People are drawn to you because they feel your openness and kindness. However, more than once your soul wide open also became your punishment: it hurt. But despite this, you continue to give your charming smile to others.

Stability and calm

The lady pose, as in picture No. 5, is characteristic of girls whose main trump cards are calmness and reliability . They say that there are no ideal relationships , but with you it is very easy to get closer to the ideal. In relationships, stability, understanding and support are important to you. Outbursts of emotions, conflicts and resentments are not for you. Even if something is wrong in the relationship, you will solve the problem in a calm way: you will discuss everything with your partner. You are a sincere and honest person who is afraid of offending your loved one and causing him pain.

What position do you sit in most often? Did you find your features in our descriptions?

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