Tom Cruise was considered mentally retarded, and Kate Middleton was always called names. Which stars were bullied at school?

Would you say that your high school years were the best years of your life? Tom Cruise , Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton and some other celebrities – unlikely. They experienced bullying at school at a tender age . Some were teased, called names, offended, and others even faced physical humiliation. Of course, this is all in the past and now celebrities can calmly recall their experience. They have reached heights. Where are their offenders?

Celebrities who survived bullying at school

George Clooney

The famous actor calls his school years the worst of his life. For his classmates, he was an object of ridicule. This happened because in high school, George had half his face paralyzed . It got to the point where he couldn’t open one eye. The problem was passed down to Clooney from his father. But the other children did not treat the boy with understanding, but, on the contrary, began to bully him. They even came up with a nickname that greatly offended George – Frankenstein. Things only got better for George Clooney at the new school after he moved.

Victoria Beckham

For her peers, Victoria was a living target. And this is not a metaphor. Classmates did not hesitate to take a piece of dirt from the ground and throw it at Victoria. In addition, the girl was teased by giving nicknames: Sticky Vicky, Pimple Face, and the like. How did the future celebrity cause such an attitude towards herself? Victoria was disliked because she was from a wealthy family. Every morning the girl was taken to school by a personal driver in an expensive car. Victoria had many things that other children could not afford. That’s how the envy of peers then played a cruel joke on David Beckham’s future wife.

Tom Cruise

Just imagine, Tom Cruise changed 15 educational institutions at school age. And it’s not that the family moved or there were other circumstances. The schools simply did not want to deal with “such” a student. What was wrong with Tom? It turns out that he was considered literally mentally retarded . The fact is that due to dyslexia, the boy read and wrote poorly. He also spoke with a noticeable accent. Even if the teachers sometimes treated Tom with disdain, it is easy to guess how the children behaved with him. Cruz was mocked and beaten. True, with age the guy learned to respond to offenders. And now you look at this handsome man and don’t believe that this could happen to him.

Kate Middleton

Britain’s favorite Kate Middleton wasn’t always like this. Yes, Kate has retained her gentle character and kind disposition. But as a child it came back to haunt her. Because Kate couldn’t stand up for herself, her classmates targeted her for bullying. Kate was called names and things were often stolen from her school locker . And once, as a classmate of the current princess said in an interview, Kate was publicly humiliated. At school there was a tradition of assessing the beauty of girls on a scale of ten. Middleton received only twos and ones.

Miley Cyrus

Poor Miley Cyrus was so bullied at school that she was homeschooled. The girl did not consider it necessary to please everyone and was always distinguished by her straightforwardness. But her classmates punished her for this. The guys even created a special club – “Anti-Miley”. With a shudder, the singer recalls the day when her peers locked her in the toilet . The girl sat there for an hour, screaming and hitting the door and walls with her fists. But no one was in a particular hurry to rescue the schoolgirl.

Charlize Theron

Actress Charlize Theron experienced real drama, if not tragedy, at school. She was considered an ugly duckling. The girl wore glasses with thick lenses and was not popular with guys. But the tragedy, of course, is not this. When Charlize was young, her mother, defending herself from her alcoholic father, shot him. Of course, this could not be hidden from the public. At school, Charlize began to be called the daughter of a criminal (no one cared that in court the shooting was recognized as an act of self-defense). Charlize was bullied not only by students, but also by teachers. It was lucky that as soon as the mother found out about this, she immediately took the girl from that educational institution.

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