A three-minute test that will change your perception of the world. Something to think about.

Each of us has bad moments in life. No one is immune from this. But in such situations, what is most important is not the situation itself, but your attitude towards it. In general, the perception of the world greatly influences the quality of life. The way you relate to everything around you, how and in what colors you see the world, determines your mood, your day, and why bother with trifles, even your whole life. We suggest you take a picture test , which will tell you a lot about your perception of the world. Analyze the result carefully. Perhaps this will prompt you to make some important decisions and changes.

Picture test

Take a close look at the houses in the picture above. There are five buildings depicted there. They are similar to each other, but have some differences. Choose , without thinking too much, the house that seems most comfortable and beautiful to you. Now read what your choice means .

House No. 1

In life you are a realist . You try to see the world as it is. You value personal space and boundaries. That’s why you don’t have such a large social circle. You don’t let everyone in, although you can’t say that you’re closed and constrained. It’s just that in your surroundings you know exactly who you can call a friend, and who you can call a comrade or just an acquaintance. In addition, you will not share too personal things with people whom you do not consider close. You always stand for justice and try to make the world a better place with your actions.

House No. 2

Your perception of the world is mostly positive . Often you see details that others do not pay attention to, and this makes you happy. When you wake up in the morning, you are more likely to pay attention to the singing of birds than to the black cloud that is approaching from the east. It’s nice to communicate with you, that’s why you have many friends. In a big company you don’t get lost, you are loved and appreciated. But sometimes your positive perception is too exaggerated, becoming something reminiscent of rose-colored glasses. Because of this, you have been disappointed more than once.

House No. 3

You are a radical and persistent person. However, it is very dependent on the surrounding atmosphere. You can come to work in a great mood, but if everyone around you is gloomy, then within five minutes you too will plunge into negativity. Often you rush from one extreme to another : you see everything either in white or in black. We advise you to look at things from more than one angle. After all, sometimes everything is not as bad as it might seem at first glance.

House No. 4

You are a vulnerable and gentle person. You really value your loved ones and the comfort around you. It’s difficult for you to let new people in and make acquaintances. This is because you simply close yourself off from the outside world. You hid in your house, but you are afraid to leave it and open up to the world like fire. Yes, it may be scary at first , but try to get out of your comfort zone, and you will see that there are many amazing things in the world, except for the four walls of your room.

House No. 5

If we compare you to a city, then you are New York. High-rise buildings that soar upward, a lot of people, lights and radiance – this is your atmosphere. You really value honesty . And in you it sometimes even borders on harsh straightforwardness. If a friend bought a new suit and it doesn’t suit her, you will definitely tell her this to her face. It seems like it would be nice to have honest friends, but only if they don’t go too far. So, you will also express everything you think to the person who accidentally steps on your foot in transport. Make sure that your honesty does not become rudeness, and the world will definitely be drawn to you.

Do you agree with the test results? How do you assess your perception of the world?

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