Does Jennifer Lopez get along with Ben Affleck’s ex-wife?

Not everyone_manages to establish good_relationships with their partner’s_exes. Of course, this is not always required. But if the situation affects children, then communication cannot be avoided. Ben Affleck’s current_wife Jennifer_Lopez therefore often communicates with his ex, Jennifer Garner , because Affleck and Garner have three_children_together. We’ll tell you further how the women’s communication developed, whether they get along or look askance at each other. Jennifer Lopez recently spoke out about Affleck’s_ex , and after that everything fell into place.

Jennifer_Lopez_speaks out about Affleck’s_ex

Ben Affleck tries to spend a lot of time with his children with Jennifer_Garner. They have three offspring: 16-year-old_Violet,_Seraphina, who is_13, and very young Samuel, who is now 10_years_old. Because of the children, they have to communicate with each other and Ben’s chosen ones: the current and the former . There is no hostility, litigation or showdown between them.

Jennifer Lopez says she feels great about Ben’s ex-wife. The singer and actress even emphasizes that she has a lot to learn from Garner , because she is such a good mother. She believes that Jennifer and Ben have become exemplary parents for their children and this is very valuable. “They are amazing parents. They_work_so well_together. We all have a lot to learn from them ,” admits JLo.

Let us remember that Garner and Affleck got married in 2005. They have come a long way together in 10 years. But in the end, the couple failed to maintain their relationship. Ben and Jennifer_divorced . The actor admitted that he did not feel completely happy and free in his marriage to Garner. It was as if something was holding him back.

Affleck also shared in an interview that it was because of his ex-wife that he started drinking . As a result, he even publicly called himself an alcoholic. No matter what differences there may be between Ben and Jennifer, for the sake of the children (and solely for this) they continue to communicate.

Mrs Affleck understands everything

Jennifer Lopez supports_her_husband. She is a mother herself, so she understands how important it is to communicate with her children and to be on the same page with them. Moreover, there is no reason to worry or be jealous. Lopez is sure that she and her husband are one. The celebrity considers it an important gesture that she took her husband’s last name . Now she is Mrs Affleck . True, Jennifer understands perfectly well that for fans of her talent she will forever remain J.Lo.

It’s great that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are approaching marriage so consciously now. No wonder they waited so long to finally come to this.

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