How many horses do you see in the picture? The test will show your true nature.

They say that in order to get to know a person well, you need to eat a pound of salt with him. And if we remember what complex and fickle creatures we are, the task becomes even more difficult. At least that’s what it may seem like. But in reality everything turns out to be simpler. After all, the essence of another person, at least in general terms, can be recognized by dozens of different signs. It’s not for nothing that a huge number of psychological tests have been invented. Like this test with horses, for example.

Its essence is extremely simple. Just look at the picture and tell me how many horses you see in it. And we will try to tell you about what kind of person you are. Of course, we don’t guarantee accuracy, but it will still be interesting.

Test with horses

1–4 horses

You belong to those people who prefer to look at the whole situation as a whole. You see the full picture at once, sweeping aside minor details. And this can lead to hasty decisions or a very superficial assessment.

But, on the other hand, you know how to react much faster to critical situations. The plan in your head appears completely before anyone even suggests the first step. However, this is still not enough to be truly effective. Reaction and courage should be developed simultaneously with perseverance and attention to detail.

5–10 horses

You are used to immediately brushing aside details that, in your opinion, are not worth attention, and focusing on the main thing. In addition, your whole life is a constant movement, which is often completely chaotic. But just standing still is unbearable for you, so you are always in a frenzy of activity.

And this is where the main problem lies. Sometimes you raise dust completely in vain, since the situation does not always require any action from us. There are times when you need to stop and wait. Therefore, you need to learn to say “stop” from time to time, otherwise this path may lead to the wrong place.

11 or more horses

Responsibility is your middle name. You always get your work done, and those around you know that they can always rely on you. However, there are also some problems. After all, when finishing work, you only think about whether you could have done better, whether you stopped too early. And the eternal pursuit of the ideal can also lead to a bad end.

You need to learn to relax, stop constantly worrying, thinking, analyzing. The brain also needs a break sometimes. And if you can’t do it on your own, surround yourself with people who can stop you in time. Who will take care of you and can honestly say that enough is enough, enough has already been done.

Portrait of a man sitting at the table with bills at home

Of course, all these are just superficial conclusions. To really get to know yourself better, it is better to take serious, time-tested tests. Although even they may raise some questions. And this test with horses is more entertainment than real psychology. But there is a grain of truth here too.

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