Why the heart attack was the best event in life for Antonio Banderas.

A few years ago, Antonio Banderas suffered a heart attack . Of course, there is little pleasure in a heart attack. However, for the actor, who turned 62 in the summer, this event became one of the best in his life. There is some kind of dissonance, isn’t it? The fact is that after experiencing a heart attack, Antonio understood and rethought a lot. From that moment on, he began to live exactly as he saw fit. He made the really important things a priority, and pushed the things that were not worth worrying about into the background. By the way, his beloved Nicole Kimpel helped the famous actor with all this . Moreover, it was Nicole who saved Antonio’s life when a heart attack encroached on her.

Six years ago, Antonio Banderas suffered a heart attack.

It’s amazing that something as heartbreaking as a heart attack can bring real benefit, joy and happiness to someone. Of course, it’s not about the heart attack itself, but about the realizations that come to a person after the experience . You begin to understand that life is not eternal, that you were in the balance. After this, you want to live triple your life, and live in a way that you couldn’t initially imagine even in your wildest dreams.

In 2017, Antonio Banderas vacationed with his beloved Nicole Kimpel in the Swiss Alps. Everything was fine until Banderas’ health failed. The heart attack crept up unnoticed. I was lucky that my wife was nearby and reacted to what happened with lightning speed.

Banderas felt a sharp and sharp pain in his chest. This made it difficult for him to instantly figure out what it was and what to do next. Nicole was persistent and confident. She quickly made the necessary decisions and did not panic. As Antonio now recalls, Nicole gave him aspirin under his tongue .

“When I started having symptoms, Nicole put one of those aspirin tablets under my tongue and it saved my life. So I got a second chance, and since then some things in my life have changed ,” says the actor. He noted that Nicole had bought the pills the day before for a headache. This was maximum strength aspirin.

Then the actor ended up in a Swiss clinic. But, fortunately, he was quickly put back on his feet. Everything worked out fine. However, the feeling that that day in the Alps could have been the last for the actor haunted Antonio for a long time. He thought and analyzed this event a lot. Eventually, Banderas came to an important realization.

How a heart attack changed the life of Antonio Banderas

As Antonio Banderas himself said , the fact that his health was at risk at a certain moment actually changed his life not for the worse, but for the better . It turns out to be some kind of oxymoron: after all, how can a heart attack bring happiness to someone? That’s how.

“Six years ago I had a heart attack. It was probably one of the best experiences of my life. It was like I put on glasses and saw what was really important ,” the actor admits now. Antonio Banderas claims that before his heart attack he did not understand or simply ignored many important things . The heart attack opened his eyes, showing him what really needs to be appreciated in life and what is not worth a penny.

Banderas rethought his life after the incident. And this was not only in words – everything resulted in concrete actions. Even then, six years ago, the actor did not drink alcohol. But with smoking the situation was different. He could be classified as a so-called heavy smoker. But after the heart attack, enlightenment descended on Banderas.

He realized that this was an inherently stupid activity. Why light a cigarette and put it in your mouth? With such success you can stick it in your ear, and it will seem funny and ridiculous. So why then don’t smokers make us laugh who continue to set fire to these “nicotine sticks” day after day?

After the heart attack, Antonio quit smoking. And this came as a relief to him. “ Smoking is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done in my life. In the end, I was lucky because a heart attack could have just destroyed me ,” Banderas says.

Antonio looked at himself and his profession differently

Quitting smoking was not the only innovation in Banderas’ life after the heart attack. Antonio also managed to look at his profession from a different angle . If earlier in acting there was at times something that irritated him and infuriated him, then after the attack the man began to appreciate his work and receive only pleasure from it.

“I returned to Spain and began to look at my professional life from a different angle. I am connected to this profession in a special way. I think this beautiful message was delivered in the right way ,” says Antonio.

Now Antonio does not appear on screens very often. And he began to miss social events. He mainly goes to premieres of films in which he participates. However, this does not mean at all that the actor is sitting out there somewhere unhappy and forgotten by the world. Just try to forget Banderas. The 62-year-old Spaniard, who managed to conquer Hollywood, is happier than ever with his beloved . He enjoys life and generally feels grateful to be alive.

Often we only begin to appreciate something when we lose it. Banderas was on the ropes and could lose the greatest gift any person receives – life. Fortunately, the actor learned the necessary lessons from the incident. Do you know similar stories that happened not to celebrities, but to people you know? Tell us in the comments.

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