Why Iron Arnie’s favorite was his illegitimate son Joseph.

Not every media person is ready to admit their illegitimate children. Moreover, a few will be involved in raising and being proud of offspring born outside of an official union. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a different opinion. Moreover, the Terminator star does not hide his love for his son, whom his housekeeper gave birth to. Who is he, Joseph Baena, and why the young man is increasingly being compared to his star father, you will find out with us in the next few minutes.

Joseph Baena

Perhaps we should start with the fact that Joseph Baena was born on October 2, 1997. This year he celebrated his 26th birthday. But the boy did not immediately find out that he was the son of the legendary Iron Arnie. What can we say, at first Schwarzenegger himself did not know about another child. You see, the actor’s housekeeper Mildred Baena tried to keep her son’s origins a secret so as not to ruin her star lover’s marriage.

“I really didn’t know. But the older he got, the more it became clear to me ,” the actor admitted in the Netflix documentary “Arnold.” But in fact. If you look at the 26-year-old guy, any doubts about his family connection with Schwarzenegger will disappear . The same facial features, poses for pictures and, importantly, the same love for sports.

Reason for divorce

Interestingly, the love affair and the emergence of a new heir took place right under the nose of the celebrity’s legal wife, Maria. The woman also did not notice anything suspicious at first. But, as you know, everything secret will someday become clear. And one day it became completely impossible to delay the difficult moment.

“Maria and I went to family counseling once a week. And at one of the sessions the consultant said: “I think today Maria wants to be very specific about something. She wants to know if you are Joseph’s father.” Then I thought my heart had stopped. And then he simply told the truth: “Yes, Mary, Joseph is my son.” She was crushed when she heard these words,” Arnold recalled those times.

The man never complained that he had another child. Although this eventually led to a quick divorce. You see, Mary was not going to tolerate this, much less forgive her husband. They divorced in 2011. And this became a kind of punishment for Schwarzenegger. After all, he felt uneasy because he had succumbed to weakness, betraying his wife.

Bodybuilder, athlete and bodybuilder

Therefore, for the four official children of the actor, the presence of an illegitimate son from their father clearly does not cause a smile. After all, he not only looks more like him, but also became the reason for his parents’ divorce. By the way, today Joseph Baena is a successful bodybuilder. The young man is not shy about showing his training results to his subscribers.

At the same time, interestingly, the illegitimate son of Iron Arnie can please us with success in cinema. For example, he repeated one of the most iconic movie scenes, playing the father’s character from the film “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.” You can take a look at it by following the link below. And there is no doubt that Schwarzenegger is clearly proud of the efforts of the heir.

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