Why people admire Affleck and Garner’s eldest daughter.

Gone are the years when we were touched by the children’s antics of the heirs of popular film actors. The artists have grown gray and mature, and their sons and daughters have grown up. So Ben Affleck’s eldest daughter Violet has turned from a modest girl with touching glasses into a real lady. Jennifer Garner , Violet’s mother, regularly appears in public with her daughter. And in December 2022, Violet Affleck’s first public appearance took place . And this solution, according to experts, was definitely a success!

Ben Affleck’s eldest daughter: what is known, what she looks like

Father’s daughter

Violet Anne Affleck was born on December 1, 2005. The girl was born a strong, healthy child . The father and mother, for whom Violet was the first-born, blew away the dust from the baby. Moreover, Ben was diligent in this almost more than Jennifer! Even two years after the birth of her daughter, the actress continued to admire her husband’s love for children.

According to Garner, from the first days of Violet’s life, Affleck spent all his free time with the baby . The couple’s friends agreed: it seemed that Ben had no greater pleasure than playing with his daughter. In addition, the actor made every effort to protect the baby and her mother from the annoying attention of the paparazzi.

In the shadow of parents

The split in the Affleck and Garner family, coupled with the subsequent divorce, had little impact on Violet. It is worth giving Ben and Jennifer their due: despite the discord in the family, the celebrities continued to do everything possible for the children. Therefore, by the way, the public still considers both Affleck and Garner to be exemplary parents .

From a young age, Violet did not feel the need for anything, except, perhaps, personal space. You see, until recently, the children of the star couple were persistently hunted by the paparazzi . However, with such parents, even cunning journalists only irritated, but did not frighten the girl.

Mom’s friend

And in December 2022, Jennifer Garner brought her eldest daughter into the world for the first time . Moreover, the most stellar reason for going out was found! The actress took the heiress with her to a dinner party hosted by the US presidential administration in honor of the arrival of Emmanuel Macron, the head of the French state.

There, Jennifer Garner and Violet appeared in very elegant outfits and immediately attracted the attention of the public. Later it turned out that both the idea of ​​such a publication and the choice of dresses belonged not to the actress, but to her heiress! The selectivity of the young beauty pleasantly amazed the audience.

Apparently, the heiress of the couple threatens to grow up to be a real socialite ! You see, he will soon outshine his star parents. In addition, do not forget that Ben Affleck’s eldest daughter counts her father’s current wife Jennifer Lopez among her friends. Well, she definitely has something to teach the young lady!

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