Why is the public going crazy about Pax, the son of Jolie and Pitt?

Recently, the press has been discussing Angelina Jolie’s numerous children much more than, in fact, the actress herself. Even the stubborn paparazzi are tired of Angie’s ongoing battle against Brad Pitt! That’s why journalists prefer to learn something new about the couple’s heirs. Gloomy Shiloh, calm diplomat Zahara , stubborn Maddox, noisy twins Knox and Vivienne – almost each of the children of the Jolie-Pitt couple has its own zest. But only recently the paparazzi unearthed exactly how Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt plans to conquer the world !

Pax Tien Jolie-Pitt. The story of the middle son

The silent quiet one

Until recently, journalists paid virtually no attention to Pax. At first, the boy was overshadowed by his older brother Maddox , the living reason for the divorce of Angelina and Brad. Then the public latched on to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and her tossing between masculinity and femininity. Even the twins Knox and Vivienne received more attention from the paparazzi than Pax!


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Like his sister Zahara, Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt rarely showed himself in front of the cameras. While older relatives shook the air with sensational statements and made dubious steps, the boy sat at home, mastered the fine arts and learned to cook. It got to the point that among journalists Pax was dubbed “the missing son of Jolie-Pitt”!

Support for mother

You can’t call Pax a „mama’s boy.“ If you believe the revelations of family friends, the guy grew up to be a fairly independent person . But at the same time, everyone unanimously says that of all the children of the Jolie-Pitt couple, it was Pax who was always as close as possible to Angelina. Even Angie’s own heirs do not care about their mother as much as Pax Tien!

Jolie’s middle son is often compared to his older brother Maddox. Let us remember that both of them unconditionally took Angelina’s side during their parents’ divorce. But if Maddox is guided mainly by his dislike for Brad Pitt, then Pax Tien Jolie-Pitt simply wants to protect his mother from unnecessary problems.

Quiet but reliable

Pax hates going out in public and showing off in front of cameras. But when Zahara cannot go shopping with her mother, it is Tien who replaces her sister, and not Shiloh or the twins. And once, nosy paparazzi even filmed the moment when Pax literally pulled the gaping Jolie out from under the wheels of an approaching car!

I’m my own boss

Like Zahara, Pax Tien Jolie-Pitt has long been thinking about what she will do in adulthood. Maddox will receive most of his mother’s fortune. Shiloh and the twins can count on Brad’s help. Well, Pax plans to earn his living through fine art or modeling.


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Under the pseudonym Embtto, the guy is preparing to hold several solo exhibitions in American galleries in the coming years. Critics respond positively to Pax’s work. Well, at the same time, Tien is mastering the modeling business and getting into shape. A couple of weeks ago, Jolie’s fans literally choked with saliva when a photo of Pax with a naked torso leaked to the press! So the boy, who until recently was considered a boring silent man, slowly became the most popular of the many children of the Jolie-Pitt couple.

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