Demi Moore corrected unsuccessful plastic surgery and looks young again.

Fans of Demi Moore joke that the star managed to find a way to turn back time. In fact, in recent years it seems as if the beautiful actress is aging in reverse. “ Demi Moore looks younger! “- fans whisper every time new photographs of a celebrity hit the press. In fact, when you look at the pictures of the actress, it’s hard to believe that this smiling beauty will celebrate her 61st birthday in 2023 !

Demi Moore looks younger! Beauty secrets of the actress

Imperfect appearance

As you know, Demi Moore went under the knife of a plastic surgeon for the first time when she was 16 years old. The star was categorically not satisfied with her own appearance from early childhood. Too lush hips, too wide shoulders, too small breasts… Having gained popularity, the beauty enthusiastically rushed to correct all her contrived shortcomings.

Rumor has it that Demi Moore can rightfully be considered the main client of plastic surgeons in Hollywood! A serious request, given the craze of Hollywood celebrities for plastic surgery. However, few people have really reached Demi’s level. So, for example, at one time the ex-wife of Bruce Willis even managed to undergo knee cap surgery!

Failed transformation

Unfortunately, not every surgeon to whom Demi trusted her body turned out to be a professional. So, for example, in 2021, at the Fendi fashion show, the beauty came out in a very elegant look. But what first attracted the attention of the public was not Demi’s dress, but her face !

Apparently, the star beauty asked the surgeon to correct the shape of her face, highlight her cheekbones and “tighten” her lips. The scalpel master completed his task, but did the job extremely poorly ! As a result, Demi received huge cheekbones and roughly protruded lips. It is clear that after the fashion show, Moore received a barrage of criticism.

Final change

Critics were quite annoyed by the actress’s complete lack of reaction to their caustic statements. However, long-time fans of the star know that in difficult times, Demi prefers not to speak, but to act . It was the same here. Within six months, fans saw that the actress’s cheekbones and lips had returned to their previous volumes.

Well, in the photographs taken before the last Oscar ceremony, Moore looks beyond all praise . Yes, traces of new plastic surgeries are clearly visible on the beauty’s face. But this time Demi took a responsible approach to choosing a plastic surgeon, and the result was not long in coming!

Moore’s fans paid attention not only to her face, but also to the actress’s chiseled figure . But it is in no way possible to achieve this at the age of 60 after three births through plastic surgery alone. Yes, Demi Moore has become considerably younger, but not only because of the charms of surgeons, but also thanks to her own efforts. But it’s worth a lot!

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