Jennifer Garner showed what her grown son with Ben Affleck looks like.

Jennifer_Garner is a mother of three_children. All of them were born in a marriage_with Ben Affleck. And although the couple is not together now, the parents_are-trying to raise their two_daughters and son within the framework of traditional family values. Jennifer understands the importance of spending enough time with her children. Recently, the responsible mother was spotted at a basketball_game with her offspring. JenniferGarner and BenAffleck’s_son_Samuel is already so old. The boy is 11 years old. He seemed excited about going to the game with his mother. What the guy looks like now, whether he looks like his parents, we’ll tell you and show you further.

What J.Garner and B.Affleck’s 11-year-old son looks_like

Jennifer Garner doesn’t show her kids online very often. Therefore, fans of the actress rejoice when something new appears on Instagram or other social networks, even if the pictures are taken by paparazzi. That’s what happened this time too. Photographers captured Jennifer Garner with her son at a basketball game.

The famous mom had fun with 11-year-old Samuel . They didn’t mind being photographed, so they even posed in front of the cameras.

For an active weekend with her son, Jennifer chose a discreet, comfortable outfit : black jeans and a light blue jumper. The actress complemented her look with jewelry: bracelets and a pendant. But the celebrity’s son was dressed like a real basketball fan. He was wearing a T-shirt with his favorite player. The boy carefully followed the game, from time to time showed something to his mother, and commented on the events.

Why Jennifer Garner is considered an exemplary mother

50-year-old_Jennifer_Garner can be an excellent example for many celebrity mothers. She copes well with three children :_17-year-old_Violet , 12-year-old_Seraphina and 11-year-old Samuel. Jennifer spends a lot of time with them and nurtures them, instilling the best values.

Thus, it is known that Jennifer Garner_actively_promotes a healthy lifestyle . Therefore, her children know how important proper nutrition and sufficient physical activity are. The actress also teaches children to respect others and be hardworking.

Jennifer Garner is actively_involved_in_charity work and raises children in the spirit of social responsibility , encouraging helping those in need and participating in charitable events.

The actress tries to create a cozy and loving atmosphere in the family and interact with children as equals. Ben Affleck, the children’s father, is also involved in the upbringing . It is also known that Jennifer Lopez, Ben’s new wife, got along well with the guys.

Do you think parents’ divorce has a big impact on the upbringing of children, even if everything happened without a scandal?

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