Sharon Stone attacked Kim Kardashian for wanting to become a movie star.

Sharon Stone and Kim Kardashian were never friends . Of course, the Hollywood legend and the reality TV star clashed in high society. But until recently, Kim was just one of many acquaintances for Sharon. However, now the situation has changed dramatically. You see, Kardashian recently landed a starring role in one of the most popular TV series in the world. Well, Sharon , like many other stage stars, strongly condemns Kim’s attempts to build an acting career!

Sharon Stone and Kim Kardashian: unexpected conflict

Life on the crest of a wave

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to public condemnation . A socialite and heir to one of the most scandalous families in America, the woman from early childhood adapted to living, riding the eternal wave of hype around her own person. Kim knows very well that her star will go out the moment the public forgets about her.

That is, in fact, why Madame Kardashian turns every detail of her life into a reason for scandal . The practical reality TV star is sure that both an honestly earned reputation and black PR are equally suitable for promoting her career. The only difference between them is that it is much easier to gain notoriety…

New field of activity

Having become familiar to the public on television, Kim Kardashian has been trying for decades to climb into the ranks of full-fledged actresses . True, the beauty used to get only episodic roles. And in them, in fact, Kim played only herself. But recently everything changed!

At the beginning of 2023, it became known that the scandalous socialite was offered the main role in the 12th season of the television series American Horror Story. The show is popular and respected, so Kim couldn’t miss such a chance. Madame Kardashian has already told the public that in anticipation of filming she devotes every free minute to acting classes!

Reasonable criticism

But many recognized Hollywood stars are outraged by Kardashian’s attempt to “crawl” into their professional sphere . The legendary Sharon Stone condemns the TV personality loudest of all. The celebrity publicly stated that Kim would not make an actress. She also took a caustic look at Madame Kardashian’s hectic activities…

“You see, to master acting it will not be enough to undergo brain surgery . We, the actors, have learned, suffered our hardest, and worry about our profession. 10,000 hours is a lot!” – Sharon spoke up. The public immediately understood the star’s reference to the famous concept that it takes at least 10,000 hours to master professional skills in any field.

Sharon Stone made it clear that she does not believe in Kim’s acting talent. This, they say, is not a reality show, where fading beauty can be delayed by simply stuffing your body with implants. And the famous Patty Ann LuPone, who brilliantly played her role in the third season of American Horror Story, was even more critical: “ I don’t like Kardashian’s appearance on the show, because she just took the role from normal actors . Sorry, sorry, Kim! Let’s see how Madame Kardashian shows herself on the set…

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