No longer chubby: what a grown-up Harper Beckham looks like today.

The legendary David Beckham has a rather unusual hobby for a football player . The famous athlete simply loves to cook! Moreover, judging by the comments of friends of the Beckham family, David is as ace in cooking as he is on the football field. But, unfortunately, not everyone at home is ready to eat the footballer’s cooking. Until recently, the first and main taster of dishes prepared by a man was the daughter of David and Victoria Beckham, Harper Seven. But what has changed recently.

The daughter of David and Victoria Beckham has grown older and slimmer

The whole family’s favorite

In a family where three sons are growing up, the only daughter inevitably receives the lion’s share of parental love. But Harper Seven is also the youngest child of David and Victoria ! As you can see, it is not at all surprising that the baby grew up in an atmosphere of almost absolute permissiveness.

Of course, Harper did not become a domestic tyrant. As you know, Victoria Beckham is a very strict mother . Nevertheless, even the stern Posh Spice showed much more leniency towards the girl than towards her older brothers. There’s nothing to say about David, because he dotes on Seven!

Father’s daughter

So, for example, little Harper revived the athlete’s dreams of a football dynasty . David’s sons do not show much interest in their father’s profession. From a young age, my daughter enjoys playing football with her dad and regularly goes to games with him. True, until recently, Harper’s sporting aspirations did not prevent her from being a rather plump girl.

Journalists regularly joked that the baby, they say, leans too heavily on the dishes prepared by her father . However, everyone in the house loves David’s cooking except Victoria. She has been eating only vegetables and steamed fish for many years, seeing food only as a source of energy. Be that as it may, despite being overweight, Harper still looked worthy of the heir to a sports dynasty.

Child transformation

While David’s critics scolded the football player for excessively indulging his daughter’s appetites , sensible people suggested that Beckham fans just be patient. In fact, many people look chubby as children. But adolescence inevitably puts everything in its place. This is exactly what happened to Harper Seven.

In recent photographs of the girl with her father, the daughter of David and Victoria Beckham looks slimmer and fit . The recent “crumpet” is undergoing a rapid transformation. If earlier fans said that Harper definitely took after her father, now the features of Victoria are clearly visible in the face of the slimmer baby!


The child grows, changes, this process is normal and inevitable. I think another couple of years will pass, and Harper Seven will simply be unrecognizable ! Then we’ll see which parent David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter actually takes after. However, one thing is already clear: no matter how Harper Seven grows up, her father and mother will still love and support her!

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