Jennifer Lopez gets angry at Affleck over his hug with his ex.

As it became known, a crisis is brewing in the relationship between J.Lo and Affleck. The reason lies in Ben’s communication with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner. And everything is completely unfounded, according to Internet users. After all, the proof of this is the footage taken by the paparazzi. But is everything really so serious and is it possible to prepare for a celebrity divorce ? You will find out with us in the next couple of minutes.

The crisis in the relationship between JLo and Affleck

Perhaps few people believed in a long-term reunion between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in 2021. At that time, 20 years had already passed since their separation. What can we say, skeptics expected to see another PR stunt in the near future. However, today the star couple not only boasts a long-awaited stamp in their passport, but also a wonderful relationship.

It’s hard to argue with the fact that these two literally enjoy each other’s company. They do not hide their feelings and try to spend as much time as possible together. Alas, even such an ideal relationship cannot exist without a black cat crossing their path. The thing is that, most likely, a crisis is brewing in the relationship between J.Lo and Affleck. But what could go wrong, you ask.

Curious footage

Just half a month ago, very interesting footage appeared on the Internet . So, in them you can see Ben hugging his ex-wife Jennifer Garner quite tenderly. It’s easy to see how pleased Affleck looks as he leans his head toward his ex-wife in the car. But as a result, one friendly (or not?) hug gave rise to a lot of rumors about problems in the relationship with J. Lo .

By the way, Lopez herself is almost furious at the very fact of the existence of these photographs. And looking at the contented face of her husband in the arms of his ex is clearly not a pleasant sight. True, Affleck still believes that there is nothing wrong with this. After all, his communication with his ex-wife is more fraternal than romantic. Alas, this does not relieve J. Lo from feeling discomfort.

“She is furious and feels like these photos have pulled the rug out from under her. She is worried that, despite assurances of the innocence of the photographs, Ben does not feel any remorse and does not understand what exactly hurt her ,” one of the insiders shared in a conversation with reporters.

However, sources close to the couple believe that this is primarily the fault of Lopez herself. Like, throwing tantrums and being jealous over harmless hugs clearly doesn’t suit her. But in J.Lo’s place, almost every woman would do this, right? Or do you also think that there is nothing wrong with occasionally hugging your ex-wife? Share your opinion with us in the comments. Let’s discuss it together.

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