What does the mother of the most unusual model in the world, Sofia Hadzhipanteli, look like?

Non-standard model Sofia Hadjipanteli attracted the attention of the public back in 2017. Since then, the “unibrow girl,” as critics call Sofia, has gone from being a living curiosity to becoming a world-famous model. Fans of Hadjipanteli are sure: their favorite is extremely talented and, characteristically, very beautiful. Family photos that Sofia shared with the public just the other day confirm the words of the model’s fans . Now it became clear to everyone who the brave girl went after!

A non-standard model and her happy family

History of Sofia

The future star was born on the island of Cyprus in 1997 in a Greek Cypriot family . When Sofia was still very young, the Hadjipanteli family moved to the American state of Maryland. The girl grew up and was brought up on the endless trips of her family, shuttling between the States and Great Britain.

Note that Cypriot parents paid maximum attention to raising their daughter . The girl received the best possible education, but did not forget about her roots. By the way, Sofia Hadjipanteli now creates her most striking images in the traditions of Cyprus. The girl even connects her unibrow, her “calling card”, with the culture of her ancestors.

Model’s point of view

Sofia Hadjipanteli inherited her mother’s striking appearance and, if she wanted, could build a successful traditional career. But the girl acted differently. Unconventional model Sofia made a unibrow her highlight! Hadjipanteli herself believes that in this way she demonstrates to the world that beauty can be very different.

Traditionally, a unibrow has been considered an unpleasant detail, a flaw , something that needs to be hidden at all costs. Since her youth, Sofia wondered why people find fused eyebrows so unpleasant. With her own example, the girl demonstrated to the world that in fact, even a unibrow can be made attractive.

Bright and shocking

Having taken the podium for the first time in 2017, Hadjipanteli made a splash . But the status of a fairground curiosity did not suit the unusual model . Sofia worked hard to ensure that people like her were allowed to film at the highest level. And she succeeded! Today, Sofia’s portfolio includes works for Chanel, Vogue, Jean-Paul Gaultier and many others.

Of course, there were some unpleasant moments. Hadjipanteli always had his share of critics. In an interview, Sofia admits that she still often receives threats in the mail ! Fortunately, the family is behind the model. Among her family and friends, Sofia always finds maximum understanding and support.

Well, recent photographs of Hadjipanteli with her mother showed the world who the girl really took after . People who had never seen a Cypriot woman without her signature unibrow admitted that, in fact, beauty has always been inherent in this model. Sofia Hadjipanteli and her mother are a shining example of people with an unusual, but undeniably attractive appearance.



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