Kristen Bell admitted that her 5-year-old daughter still wears diapers. Is this normal?

Celebrity mommy Kristen_Bell frequently discusses_parenting_online.The American actress_even has a program called Momsplaining where she discusses the challenges of motherhood in the contemporary era with guests.The Hollywood star herself occasionally shares_her_experience.Two_kids belong to the actress.Her parenting_strategies are also occasionally unexpected.For instance, Bell’s kid, who is five years old, still_uses_diapers.

Kristen_Bell and actor Dax_Shepard are parents_to_two_kids.

Bell and Shepard first met that year.Six_years_later, they were married.Interestingly, Kristen asked her partner to marry her.Their first child, daughter_Lincoln, was born just before their wedding.Despite numerous ups and downs, the couple has remained united for the benefit of their children.Kristen and Dax welcomed their second baby, Delta, a year after getting married.

Celebrity parents enjoy talking about their experiences with parenting and raising kids.

While Kristen and Dax keep their children’s identity very close to their chests, they are frequently candid about their experiences as parents of two young daughters.

Bell and Shepard engage fans in conversation about their parenting experiences whenever possible.In an interview in 2020, Kristen discussed how she handles significant challenges with her kids.

The actress remembers how Santa Claus started coming up in conversations with the kids.Kristen claims to adore Santa.Bell was forced to be honest when her daughter questioned whether the man with the gray beard was real.The actress remembers, „I had no choice but to be honest with her.

The 5-year-old kid of the actress is still in diapers.

Bell discussed her experience_potty_training her two_daughters on her Momsplaining_podcast.“We told my oldest_daughter to use the potty in the other room when she was 21_months_old.She stopped wearing_diapers, the actress recalls.But it wasn’t so simple when it came to the youngest_daughter.

The age of my youngest daughter is five and a half.In all honesty, Kristen once said, „She’s still in diapers.The actress firmly believes that every aspect of life is relative and that every_child is unique.After nighttime potty_training, Bell and Shepard’s daughter_Delta was able to stop wearing_diapers, they said in an interview shortly after this declaration.

„I believe it is typical.No parent should feel guilty if they toilet_train their child improperly, according to Kristen_Bell.

What are your thoughts on older_kids_using_diapers?Post your thoughts in the comments section.

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