Why do many people seriously consider Bill Gates to be a modern-day Nostradamus?

In a recent interview, Bill Gates again spoke a lot about the threat of bioterrorism. And this is a person whose words would be worth listening to; at least with the coronavirus pandemic, he turned out to be right. Like any innovator, Bill often likes to predict the future. But unlike many other inventors, the entrepreneur is too often right. We decided to remember how Bill Gates sees the future, plus several cases when the former head of Microsoft was right.


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How does Bill Gates see the future?

Viruses and pandemics

After the raging coronavirus pandemic, many remembered the words of Gates, where he warned about something similar back in 2015. And even now the billionaire hints from time to time that this is not the end. Because of this, by the way, in conspiracy circles they made him the main culprit of what was happening.

Lately, however, Gates has been warning more specifically about bioterrorism. Bill emphasized that such attacks would be much more dangerous than natural epidemics. Therefore, the authorities and various services now need to prepare to act proactively. Learn to interact with viruses to protect potential targets of future terrorists.


The entrepreneur also supports the popular point of view that humanity will soon move into metaverses. That is, most interactions on the Internet will take place in the digital world between digital avatars. However, this process can take a long time due to the fact that not many people today can afford the necessary equipment. By the way, special glasses and gloves for the virtual world are now being developed not only by Microsoft, but also by Meta.


Back in 2017, Bill Gates said that production automation is a natural process that will soon sweep the whole world. Soon, living workers will be completely replaced by machines, and we must prepare for this now. Then the businessman proposed that states introduce taxes on automated enterprises, and use this money to retrain people who had lost their jobs because of this.


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Also, over the past decades, Bill Gates has been talking a lot about the transition to renewable energy. According to the man, by 2030 hydrocarbon energy will have to lose its dominant position. And in 2017, he said that a full transition to renewable sources would happen within the next 15 years.


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Health monitoring

His words about the automation of medicine are also interesting. This topic has always been of interest to futurologists, and Bill was no exception. In his opinion, smartwatches are the first step towards allowing people to undergo a complete medical check-up without leaving home. In the future, as the entrepreneur hopes, it will be possible to take tests directly in pharmacies, from where they will immediately go to the attending physician. And he, in turn, will always have access to various data collected by the smartwatch.


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Poor countries

Another very interesting prediction by Gates is that by 2035 poor countries will cease to exist. But it’s not that they will fall apart or be captured, it’s just that the digital revolution and scientific and technological progress will bring them to at least average-level incomes. But to achieve this goal, in addition to everything, cooperation between neighboring countries plays an important role. Only together can humanity move forward confidently.

Apart from the now familiar horror stories about epidemics and terrorists, Bill Gates sees the future as quite bright. And for us, residents of the post-Soviet space, it is now quite difficult to see the light somewhere in the distance. But Gates is rarely wrong, so we’ll have faith.

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