How many dogs do you see? Determine your psychological age.

Knowing your psychological age is a crucial aspect of oneself.It doesn’t matter how old you are in real life.It can alter throughout life depending on internal or external causes, in both youth and old age.Your interests, pastimes, and objectives may be affected by your psychological age.Your lifestyle may even be dependent on it.

Using a short test, determine your psychological age.

We’ll help you determine your psychic age with our short test.Inside, who are you?Teenager seeking novel experiences?A family man who is confident and mature?Or perhaps a retired person with life experience who has seen a lot?This examination will reveal the truth.

All you need to do to pass the test is look at the picture and count the dogs in it. How many animals do you see? Give the number and see the transcript.


Four dogs

If you said the number four, it means that mentally you are 15–20 years old . You try not to burden yourself with adult worries and live here and now. You are also a creative and imaginative person. You really love spontaneity, travel, and various types of activities. All this fills you with energy. In addition, you are very open and quickly know how to find common language with other people.

Five dogs

You already have some experience in life. Your psychological age is 25–30 years . Adult problems bother you, but you try to cope with everything. At the same time, you have not yet forgotten about youthful fun and know how to relax as if you were 18 years old again. It’s not your place to complicate things. On the contrary, you try to look at all situations with a simple look.

Six dogs

You have a mature outlook on life. 30–40 years is your psychological age. Stability means a lot to you: a steady job, a family, a not too large circle of close friends. Perhaps in the eyes of more psychologically younger people you seem old-fashioned, but you don’t care, because you live your life and choose how to do it yourself. You love to plan, analyze and think about your actions. Spontaneity and wild actions are definitely not for you.

Seven dogs

Mentally, you are still just a child. Your psychological age is 10–15 years . You have a well-developed imagination, but often you look at the world through rose-colored glasses. Your naive outlook can harm you. At the same time, you know how to enjoy little things: squeal when you see the first snow outside the window, jump with happiness when you pull out a teddy bear from the machine, be endlessly touched and take a video of your favorite pet because it yawns so cutely. You may not be a child on the outside, but he lives inside you.

Did the test help you determine your psychological age? Do you agree with his results?

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