Answer what you saw first in the picture and find out what you live for.

Many will agree that it is important to live here and now, not to think about the past and not to get too carried away by dreams of the future. This is probably the only way to become a happy person. However, not everyone succeeds. Have you ever thought about how you live? Past, present and future are modes of time, and each person has different priorities. Determine with a simple test whether you live in the present, always think about the future, or are stuck in the past.

Past, present and future: what is most important to you

This simple test doesn’t require anything fancy from you. The test works in such a way that your subconscious will answer the questions instead of you. So, all you have to do is look at the picture and answer what you see in it . More precisely, you need to say what you saw first. After this, you can immediately proceed to decryption. That is, this quick test will take a minimum of your time. Shall we get started?

Look at the picture below and act on the points we wrote about. The picture in the test is an optical illusion . If you don’t think for a long time, but answer automatically what you saw first, then you will give free rein to your subconscious. And your subconscious is a storehouse of valuable information.

Transcript for the test

If you saw a face

Your priority is the present . You do not live with illusions and dreams about the future. At the same time, you managed to let go of the past, even if something in it oppressed you and threw you off balance. You manage to live life to the fullest here and now. Of course, you think about the consequences of your actions in the present, but you don’t make plans for several years ahead.

If you saw a man with a book

All your thoughts are about the future . You definitely pay attention to how your actions in the present can affect your future. Because of this, you have to limit yourself in many ways. For example, you want to save money for an apartment, you have a clear financial plan. Therefore, you will refuse to buy a new bag now, because it does not fit into your future plans. But think about the fact that you can miss a lot in life this way.

If you saw apples

In the present, you are constantly trying to enlist the support of the past . You like to delve into yourself, analyze situations that happened several years ago. You look for your mistakes so you don’t repeat them again. The experience of past years is important to you. However, it often happens that thoughts of old failures eat you up. But thoughts about the successes of long ago can inspire you. The main thing is not to get completely stuck in the past, otherwise you will miss both the present and you will not be able to build the future.

Did you like the test? Do you agree with his results?

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