While haters call Goldie Hawn names, Kurt Russell considers her a goddess.

As you probably know, there are few couples in Hollywood that have stood the test of time and retained their feelings for each other. What can we say, not everyone manages to live together for decades and remain the same in love . Alas, even in such a seemingly happy life there is a fly in the ointment. Today we will talk about how Kurt Russell defends Goldie Hawn from the attacks of haters and envious people.

Kurt Russell defends Goldie Hawn

Perhaps it’s no secret how the love story between two celebrities began. So, Kurt and Goldie first met on the set of the film “The One and Only Truly Original Family Orchestra.” Russell was then a 15-year-old boy, and Hawn was a 22-year-old beauty. By the way, there was a possibility that their paths would never cross.

You see, Goldie was among many other candidates for the role. Russell’s mother, seeing the pretty girl, immediately declared that she would be the one to get this place. And, interestingly, the woman’s intuition did not let her down. Following his parent, Kurt himself drew attention to Hawn. What can I say, the guy’s heart clearly skipped a beat at that moment.

“At that moment I thought: “She’s terribly attractive!” You couldn’t get past her. She just had energy,” the man will remember his emotions years later. And, of course, it was love at first sight. Since then, Kurt Russell has been protecting his Goldie Hawn for over forty years. Moreover, the actor does not just accept her for who she is. He idolizes his woman.

“At least I was embarrassed”

For example, not long ago Goldie faced hate directed at her. The reason was paparazzi photographs of them and Kurt relaxing on a yacht. You see, at 77 years old, Hawn is not shy about her body and is ready to wear a tight one-piece swimsuit with all her courage. However, some people consider it their duty to be rude to a woman.

“How ugly she is,” “If only she were ashamed of her flabby skin,” “I don’t understand why Kurt can’t find someone younger and fresher.” But the actor himself does not understand and does not support the standards of beauty imposed by society. “You are incredible! I can’t believe my eyes how gorgeous you look,” this is how he addresses his beloved Hawn, even after 40 years of marriage.

It would seem that it would be impossible to avoid the hate. And society, to be honest, values ​​beauty and youth more. But Goldie never tires of proving every day that attractiveness is about inner strength and naturalness. Kurt tirelessly supports her in this. What is not an example of love, loyalty and respect?

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