If you can solve the match puzzle, your IQ is above average.

Puzzles with matches are among the favorite pastimes of intellectuals . The special charm of these riddles is that they are characterized by both logic and clarity. If desired, anyone can simulate any of these puzzles at home. But this does not make them any easier, not at all! Take at least a glass of matches, the problem that our article is devoted to. It would seem like a simple puzzle that even a child can solve. But it was not there!

Glass of matches: a simple puzzle with a difficult solution

Unexpected boom

The true heyday of puzzles with matches occurred in the era of widespread Internet penetration. This seems strange to many. After all, there is a box of matches in every home on the planet! Alas, previously puzzles with matches were only rare guests in collections of puzzles and riddles.

But honestly, it’s hard to imagine a more successful teaching aid than matches! Here you can develop spatial thinking, geometric elements, and logical reasoning. It’s a pity, really, that it took domestic teachers decades to comprehend these simple facts.

Glass and olive

However, even today, puzzles with matches occupy more students and adults than children. And in vain! Just look at the elegant matchstick glass pictured below. Such a puzzle would both entertain the children and give them a reason for further research . It’s a pity, really, that domestic pedagogy is marking time in this regard…

However, let’s return to our task. The image above shows us a glass made of matches and an olive placed there. We are required to transform it so that the olive is outside the glass, but the shape of the glass does not change. In this case, you are allowed to move exactly two matches, no more and no less!

The solution of the problem

Fun fact: only every twelfth person on the Internet was able to figure out our puzzle right away. The rest had to spend a fair amount of time on a glass of matches. However, I’ll give you one hint. Solving such problems “from the screen” is really not easy. Assemble a model of a glass from matches on the table in front of you – and you will immediately understand everything!

And the casket just opened. Move the match representing the bottom of the glass so that the rightmost wall now serves as a support. Well, the new walls will be the former support and the left wall. I can’t even believe that such tasks turn out to be problematic for millions of people! But the fact remains…

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