How the Beckhams celebrated their daughter’s birthday in a big way.

As you probably know, July 10 was another birthday for the Beckhams‘ daughter. But the star family did not want to wait for the special date, and therefore arranged an unforgettable holiday for young Harper Seven a little earlier. You will learn with us about how everything went and who was present at the event in the next couple of minutes.

Beckham’s daughter’s birthday

July 10, 2023 was another birthday of the Beckhams‘ daughter. The girl turned 12 years old. But the star family decided to celebrate such a significant event earlier – on July 8. At the same time, of course, it would not have happened without a pompous restaurant, a custom-made dress and only a close circle.

Victoria Beckham spoke directly about how the celebration went. The celebrity published several pictures on her Instagram blog. So, you can see that the birthday girl dressed up in a silk dress from her mother’s brand. By the way, it was sewn specifically for Seven. “Harper Seven is 12 years old (almost)! Party at Prada Caffe! Chic!“ — Victoria signed the pictures.

It is worth noting that although the Beckham heiress obeyed her parents in terms of her dress, she remained true to herself in some details. Thus, the 12-year-old girl successfully combined the glamorous outfit with massive sneakers. The look was completed with a Prada Re-Edition mini bag from 2005. It is noteworthy that the cost of the latter is just over a thousand dollars.

In a narrow family circle

As you can already see from the pictures, the birthday of the Beckhams‘ daughter was held at the luxurious Prada Caffe restaurant in London. Interestingly, only the closest people were present at the party itself. This number, in fact, included David and Victoria, 20-year-old Romer and 18-year-ol Cruz.

But 24-year-old Brooklyn never showed up at his sister’s birthday party. As you know, today he lives with Nicola Peltz in the USA. Rumor has it that it was because of her that the young man moved away from his family. After all, few people do not know about the scandalous showdown between the daughter of a billionaire and Victoria Beckham.

Of course, this is not so difficult to believe. So, for example, it’s worth recalling what problems it took to organize just the wedding of Brooklyn and Nicola. The thing is that the actress literally from the first minutes began to torment everyone with her whims.

Moreover, she even refused to wear a dress from her future mother-in-law’s brand. However, among Internet users there are also those who defend Peltz. After all, judge for yourself, she just wanted to make such a grandiose event perfect.

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