Which toe is your longest? A unique character test.

Who would have thought that even… the shape of your feet could determine your character? Amazing, isn’t it? But how will each of us be different, you ask? As it turned out, everything is quite simple. Just follow the tips below and quickly read a detailed psychological analysis about yourself . Ready? Then let’s go!

Foot shape: Roman

So, if your foot shape matches visually with No. 1, then you have a Roman foot. The thumb, second and third fingers are the same length, but the fourth and fifth fingers are smaller. Well, you can clearly be called a sociable and friendly person. Moreover, you are so social that making a new acquaintance is a matter of two seconds.

Interestingly, those with Roman foot shapes can boast of confidence and assertiveness. You obviously can’t be broken easily. Also, you are not used to repeating after others. It’s better to do it your own way and achieve success. True, your path, as a rule, is so unusual for others that only a few will be able to copy you.

You are balanced, you know your goals and desires, you have your own opinion and are even ready to take responsibility for your actions and words. At work, our “Romans” achieve success both independently and in a team. It’s just that at times you can be too arrogant. At such moments, not only is it impossible to convince you, you don’t even admit that you’re wrong.

Nevertheless, the “Romans” are caring and faithful people who do everything possible for the happiness of their loved ones. They also love sports and the arts. What can we say, you can clearly even try yourself in business. After all, you will clearly succeed.

Square foot

A square foot, as you probably already guessed, is characterized by the same length of all toes. By the way, it is also called German and even peasant. The thing is that owners of this form are practical and reliable people . They are hardworking, know how to deal with their problems correctly and, most importantly, they can be trusted.

You will certainly keep your word and will not blatantly lie to your interlocutor’s face. At the same time, it is not difficult for you to establish relationships with both superiors and subordinates. It is noteworthy that the “Germans” are also ready to help, explain and even train if necessary.

It is also worth noting that those with square feet are treated equally by everyone, regardless of their beliefs, skin color or even origin. True, they expect a similar attitude towards themselves. Although they will never say this directly because of their modesty and even humility.

Such people can achieve success in engineering, accounting, banking and even law. After all, they clearly know better than others how to skillfully cope with stress and pressure. And, as a rule, the “Germans” do not wear rose-colored glasses, preferring to think analytically and logically.

Greek foot

Those with a Greek foot shape have a longer second toe than the big toe. Interestingly, such a foot is also called a fiery foot. And this is clearly not without reason. You see, such people are creative and passionate. You are energetic and prone to all kinds of adventures. Come up with a plan? No problem. Always ready for new challenges.

Such people, by the way, understand perfectly how beneficial and true it is to show self-expression. What can we say, they inspire others by their example. After all, the “Greeks” know that anything can be achieved. You just need to dream correctly.

By the way, you like to be independent. For this it is worth constantly working on yourself. But what can we say, it’s not difficult for you to walk along uncharted paths all alone. After all, in this way you will avoid big problems in case of failure. And in general, as long as others don’t get into your soul, you are very friendly and socially active.

Egyptian foot

Do you have a long thumb, but all the others are smaller than the previous one? Then you clearly have an Egyptian foot shape. Interestingly, this foot belongs to a stubborn person, not without independence and creativity. Charisma, persuasiveness, ability to make decisions – all this is about you.

Empty talk is clearly not for you. And when it comes to disputes, then serious arguments go into battle. But this does not mean that you will give up so easily. After all, it was not for nothing that we mentioned stubbornness above.

You are reliable in relationships because you can keep other people’s secrets for years. Perhaps the best description of an “Egyptian” would be “an ambitious dreamer striving for success.”This is not surprising, because for any problem it is always easier to find a creative solution.

However, at the same time, owners of this foot shape are distinguished by isolation and restraint. They do not like to once again share the details of their personal lives, much less be in the center of popularity. True, if we are not talking about some significant contribution. It is preferable for them to remain in the background, motivating others.

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