Plus-size model asks airlines for free seats for oversized passengers.

Experienced travelers know very well that in terms of convenience, an airplane is sometimes inferior to even a banal minibus, not to mention a train compartment! Sometimes it’s not easy to squeeze into economy class seats, even for thin people. Well, Jaelynn, the main character of our article, cannot be called skinny! A resident of Vancouver, in the US state of Washington, is a plus-size model. That’s why flying for her often turns into pure torture. But Jaylynn already has ideas on how to deal with this problem.

Free seats on the plane: plus-size model offer

Jaylynn’s Story

As we noted above, the American is a plus-size model , and a successful model. Jaelynn’s business is developing at an accelerated pace, but at the same time requires constant travel from the owner. Time after time, the model was faced with the fact that flights only cause problems, both for her and for other passengers .

Eventually Jaylynn’s patience ran out . After another flight, which, even if she wanted to, could not be called comfortable, the American made a public proposal to the airlines. But in response, in addition to the support of her fellow sufferers, she received a lot of reproaches. Let’s see what was wrong with Jaylynn’s proposal.

Model idea

“Now plus-size passengers have to squeeze into one seat by hook or by crook . In parallel with this, we are faced with contemptuous comments from other passengers, their reproachful glances and even refusals to sit next to us. All this could have been avoided if airlines offered a wider range of services!”

“As for me, plus-size passengers should be provided with free seats on the plane! One, two, maybe even three, depending on their size! And also, if necessary, help with strollers, wider seat belts, comfortable toilets and support from specially trained staff ,” says the model.

Dreams Dreams…

I think you already understand why Jaylynn’s proposal was immediately subjected to massive criticism . In fact, it is difficult to agree with the requirement to provide someone with a free seat on an airplane solely because of the size of the applicant! Nevertheless, people noted that there was still some soundness in the model’s proposal.

Sensible individuals point out that airlines could really use a wider range of services . Let’s say that all of Jaylynn’s problems would be solved if the American had the opportunity to reserve a double place for herself. So the model herself would be comfortable, and her neighbors would breathe a sigh of relief.

In addition, we should not forget about people suffering from illnesses and the consequences of injuries . Nowadays, most of these poor souls have to fly without any help or support from the airlines. Yes, Jaylynn clearly went overboard with her proposal. But if you think about it, airlines do have some work to do!

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