How Demi Moore survived an overdose, breakups, infidelity, the loss of a child and other troubles.

Demi Moore, a talented and successful actress, has experienced many difficulties and trials in her life. Not everyone knows what sad stories are stored somewhere at the bottom of the actress’s well of memories. There was a place for betrayal, and the loss of a child, and problems with alcohol… But the dramatic life of Demi Moore began with unusual and complex relationships in the family. Do you want to know more details? Then stay with us.

Why Demi Moore’s life wasn’t always sweet

Strange parents of the actress

As a child, Demi faced difficulties due to the unpreparedness of her own parents to raise children. Just imagine, when Demi was only 15 years old, she saved her mother from an overdose of pills . Moore sadly recalls that it was after that terrible incident that her childhood ended. “I remember how I tried to take the pills out of her mouth with my little fingers, and my father taught me what to do ,” recalls the actress.

It is also interesting that Demi was raised by her stepfather , but she did not know about it for a long time. The mother seemed to have decided that this information was unimportant and that her daughter did not need to know. Demi’s biological father left the family, leaving mother and daughter alone to cope with the complexities of life. As you can see, the actress’s mother was not very prepared for these difficulties. By the way, another tragedy in Demi’s life is connected with her. Mom passed away due to a brain tumor in 1998.

Demi Moore’s first husband and betrayal

In her youth, Demi Moore married musician Freddie Moore. Their marriage was far from perfect. And one of the reasons was betrayal on the part of the actress herself . Despite attempts to mend the relationship, their union finally fell apart and they went their separate ways. It’s interesting that Demi very rarely talks publicly about Freddie. For a long time no one knew about the betrayal. Freddie himself commented on this, emphasizing that his ex was one of those women who needed a lot of love.

Second husband Bruce Willis and separation from him

Later, Demi Moore met her soulmate, actor Bruce Willis. Their marriage was considered one of the strongest and most stable in Hollywood. They became the parents of three daughters. However, even this stability has been shaken . In the late 1990s, they announced their divorce . And although the couple’s fans really hoped for a celebrity reunion, a miracle did not happen. Bruce married again, and Demi did not stand still.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher: how the actress plunged into darkness

Married to actor Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore experienced the most tragic period of her life. In 2004, she lost her child with Kutcher , which caused her deep depression and emotional pain. This tragic experience prompted her to drink and take illicit substances. The actress tried to cope with the loss in this way, but this further aggravated her problems. Kutcher’s patience ran out one day. The couple divorced in 2011.

Overdose in front of my daughter

In 2012, Demi Moore made headlines due to unfortunate events. She overdosed in front of her own daughter . This came as a shock to the family and an even bigger setback in their fight against addiction.

Tragedy in the pool

Another tragedy occurred in the life of Demi Moore when a man drowned in the pool of her house in 2015 . It was a terrible and difficult event that cast a shadow on the life of the actress. Demi managed to settle this with the man’s family, who tried to bring the actress to justice. Even though at that tragic moment Moore was away at all, and the man simply climbed over the fence of her property and drowned in the pool.

Loss of teeth

As you can see, in the life of stars, not everything is as smooth as it might seem. Celebrities also experience stress and go through moments of depression. In 2017, Demi Moore lost two teeth due to stress and health problems and was forced to turn to dentists to solve this problem.

Despite all the difficulties and dramas, Demi Moore turned out to be a strong woman, capable of surviving all the challenges that life threw at her. She was able to overcome her addiction and find inner strength to continue her career. Today, she is not only successful in her profession, but also actively supports various charitable organizations, helping other people overcome difficulties.

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