How a girl lost 200 kg and changed her life.

Now, in the era of body positivity, many advise not to be sad about a couple of extra pounds. However, what to do when excess weight prevents you from living a full life or even just moving around, not just on the street, but at least around the house? That’s right, in this case you need to take everything into your own hands. That’s what our today’s heroine Amber Rushdie did. There was a time when the girl weighed almost 300 kg , but she was able to change her life.

The story of Amber Rushdie, who managed to lose 200 kg

The problem of excess weight is quite acute in the world. To encourage people to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle, all sorts of television programs are even created. And if such content seems entertaining to the audience, the participants are not laughing at all. Because they have to work hard to shed those unwanted pounds.

The girl practically did not leave the house: it was difficult for her to move

Amber Rushdie also became a participant in such a program, namely the American show My 600-lb Life. When the girl got to the project, her weight reached 300 kg . At the same time, Amber was only 24 years old. A young girl who was fit to lead an active lifestyle, study, travel, and have fun, in fact, practically never left the walls of her home.

The fact is that it was physically difficult for Amber to do this. She had difficulty moving around the house. And she only went outside to go to the store. At the same time, Amber moved not with the help of her two legs, but on an electric cart. The young girl had difficulty meeting her basic needs. For example, even taking a shower was a challenge for her.

How Amber came to reality TV

In 2015, Amber realized that she could no longer live like this. It’s hard to fight such critical excess weight on your own, so the girl decided to take help from the My 600-lb Life program , where Amber was supported and helped.

As a result, the girl was able to lose as much as 200 kg! To begin with, her goal was only 10 kg. This first figure was very important, because only if Amber lost 10 kg of weight could she undergo gastric reduction surgery. Everything worked out, and the operation was successfully carried out.

After this, Amber began to monitor her diet and try to move more actively. The girl loves fast food, sweet carbonated drinks, and fried foods. But she had to give up all this. The first year, when the girl worked hard towards her goal, brought her good results. Amber lost 70 kg . This, of course, was inspiring. So she continued her activism.

How the heroine’s life has changed

Another year passed, and Amber lost another 100 kg . Now in total the girl has lost 200 kg. After this, her life changed. Amber began to actively maintain a page on Instagram. Now more than 250 thousand subscribers follow the girl’s news.

When you look at Amber’s latest photos, you realize that now she is a completely different person . She experiments with her appearance, loves to dress up and take photos for her page. Judging by the number of pictures, it becomes clear that the girl is now happy with her appearance and figure. Although she does not stop there, she continues to lead a healthy lifestyle.

What do you think of Amber’s transformation? Agree that she is great. Share similar life stories about losing weight in the comments.

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