How a rich man and a young beauty proved that they are not together for money.

Love and relationships can be a difficult topic to talk about. And if you add in social norms and wealth, then even more so. Therefore, our topic today is very unusual and controversial: a billionaire married a young model . The age difference between a man and a woman is more than 40 years. And the billionaire’s seven children doubt the intentions of their father’s young passion. Regardless, the happy_pair-serves as a reminder to us all that love_transcends_material_possessions and age gaps.Let’s examine whether the billionaire’s children’s criticism of this connection is appropriate.

Don’t ask about age, because love asks no questions

Our featured hero today is Eduardo_Francisco_Costantini, a 76-year-old Argentine_entrepreneur of real_estate who recently_wed his_stunning_30-year-old model spouse Elina_Fernandez.They make a wonderful couple!However, there are some doubters in Eduardo’s close circle who think Elina could only be married for money.By the way, Eduardo is thought to be worth $1.2 billion.

In spite of the doubters, Eduardo is unafraid to express his love for his young bride.And Elina is open about her love for her husband.Recently, they published some gorgeous pictures from their honeymoon.By the way, the model refers to Eduardo as „the love of her life.“

In an interview with a magazine after the wedding, Elina made a frank confession. “People_criticize us on_social_media_without knowing how_pure our_feelings are. Besides, I have_an_old soul, and he has a young_one. Of the two of us, Eduardo is the most energetic. It’s hard to keep up with him ,” said the 30-year-old model.

Eduardo admires his beloved, how she lives life to the fullest, how she easily overcomes physical, psychological and emotional problems. It is worth noting that Elina is an Argentine top model. Thanks to her determination, she managed to achieve career heights. By the way, top models earn good money. Therefore, skeptics should think twice before accusing Elina of commercialism and the fact that she chose a richer husband for herself.

How the happy couple decided to tie the knot

Elina, working in the fashion industry, travels all over the world. She’s living the dream! The girl has been modeling for many years and has good experience. It is clear that Eduardo is proud of his wife’s achievements and supports her in all her endeavors.

The pair is said to have met at the museum, and nine months later they were wed in a lavish ceremony in front of their loved ones.Love is ageless.The existence of genuine feelings can develop at any stage of_life, as Eduardo_and_Elina demonstrate.

In the comments, let’s send the couple our best_wishes!

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