56-year-old Vincent Cassel began an affair with a model who is like two peas in a pod like Tina Kunaki.

As it became known, Vincent Cassel started a new romance. At the same time, interestingly, Internet users unanimously call the new darling of the 56-year-old actor a younger version of Tina Kunaki . Whether this is really so and what is known about it, you will find out with us in the next few minutes.

Vincent Cassel started a new romance

Perhaps it’s no secret that Vincent Cassel only recently divorced Tina Kunaki. It is worth noting that the celebrities have been married since the end of the summer of 2018, having dated for 2 years before that. A year later, their daughter Amazon was born. It seemed that nothing would separate the star lovers. Alas, in April 2023 this fairy tale ended. The French actor himself completely deleted all pictures with Tina from his social networks.

Rumor has it that Kunaki’s betrayal was to blame. Be that as it may, Cassel did not intend to become an avid bachelor. Therefore, soon the man was seen in the company of 28-year-old Djiboutian fashion model Malika Loubek. So, at one of the social events, the actor was noticed hugging a young catwalk star. But no one had time to admire the Frenchman’s choice. After all, it turned out that Vincent Cassel had started a new romance.

It is worth noting that, quite likely, this time everything will not be limited to just an affair. The fact is that the French actor managed to post her photo on his social networks. The 27-year-old model, in turn, also did not leave the man unattended, posting a photo with him and a love emoticon on Instagram Stories. By the way, Nara Baptista became Kassel’s chosen one . And Internet users believe that she is incredibly similar to Kunaki. And what do you think?

Similar as two peas in a pod


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Публикация от N A R A H (@narahbaptista)

Not much is known about Nara. As stated above, she is 27 years old. She is an Australian of Brazilian descent. The girl was born in Brisbane. And in 2020, she was even lucky enough to represent Cleveland at the Miss Universe Australia pageant. It is worth noting that the model was among the six most beautiful girls in the country.


Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram


Публикация от N A R A H (@narahbaptista)

In addition to building a modeling career, Baptista is also a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. It is noteworthy that the young star intends to deal with this problem in the future. To achieve this, she actively invests in her education.

Tina Kunaki herself is also not wasting time after her divorce from Kassel. The Frenchwoman is often seen in the company of Spanish photographer Victor Santiago. By the way, last year they went together to a wedding with designer Simon Jacquemus. And judging by the general photos, the relationship between Tina and Victor is clearly not limited to light flirting. Thus, even the photographer’s non-standard orientation does not stop Internet users from trying to connect them.

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