Why the new swimsuit from Adidas caused a monstrous wave of indignation?

Instead of becoming a hit, the new swimsuit from Adidas ended up at the center of a huge scandal! This is not the first time that representatives of the world-famous sporting goods brand have encountered a negative reaction from customers. But this time, even journalists who have seen a lot agree that Adidas has gone overboard . People have no idea why brand managers even gave the go-ahead to release such a provocative advertisement. Be that as it may, the reaction of customers was clearly not what the company’s head office had hoped for!

Swimsuit from Adidas: what’s wrong with the brand’s new product

Brief background

Rich Mnisi, a South African designer, created the adidas Pride 2023 Women’s One-Piece Swimsuit in honor of Pride Month.The swimsuit was defined as a „true celebration of self-expression, imagination, and it embodies an unshakable belief in the unifying power of love,“ by brand representatives.

The controversial swimsuit is now a part of the broader Adidas Pride collection, which also includes „Love Wins“-emblazoned T-shirts, jeans, and sportswear.However, the theme of the concern’s products did not raise any questions among buyers. The audience was outraged by the presentation!

The essence of the problem

You see, on the manufacturer’s website the swimsuit is sold under the women’s section. But the company’s new creation is advertised by a male model ! Clients are indignant: when opening the section for women, they never expected to see an Adidas swimsuit on a man with a hairy chest and a characteristic bulge in the crotch area!

Women’s rights activists were the first to express their position regarding the company’s actions. American champion swimmer Riley Gaines said: “ They could easily put the swimsuit in the neutral section. But instead they chose to humiliate women ! I don’t understand why companies do this at all; no one forces or pushes them to take such steps! »

The athlete is echoed by female politicians. “ This is disgusting and pointless . Are companies alienating women, essentially half of their customers, in favor of maybe a percentage of transgender people? Business is meant to make money, not interfere in politics. Who even advised them to take such a step? »

Global boycott

The Internet called for a massive boycott of Adidas products . In the process, the boycotters joke bitterly: “ I guess I’m old enough to remember the days when women advertised swimsuits for women ” and “ Nothing will make a swimsuit popular like a model’s hairy chest and crotch bulge .”

People notice that Adidas is far from the first company that has managed to disgrace itself in this way . Nike recently experienced a similar scandal. Some critics are already quipping: “ Adidas and Nike are just competing to see who can go broke first .” Let’s see how unsuccessful advertising will result for the German concern…

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