How well do you get along with others: visual test

Optical illusions are an amazing phenomenon. They can make us doubt what we see with our own eyes and change our perception of the world. Today I offer you one of these illusions. And it is not too simple, because at the same time it is also a psychological test that will show whether you know how to communicate with other people.

Optical illusion test: can you communicate?

Look at the picture. You don’t have to peer for a long time, just take a glance and immediately answer the question about what you saw first . For example, I saw that women’s legs were depicted there. Slender calves, graceful lines and elegant shoes. However, you can also see male legs in the picture. Some users notice both options at the same time. So what does this mean? Let’s figure it out.

This optical illusion perfectly demonstrates how fickle our perceptions can be. After looking at the picture, each person can have his own impression of what he saw first. The answer to this question can reveal several aspects of a person’s personality and communication skills . If you immediately saw a woman’s legs, most likely you are a very attentive interlocutor. If your eyes immediately went to more massive legs, then you are probably primarily focused on practicality and functionality in everything.

If you saw a man’s legs

In communication you are a straightforward person. You easily express your thoughts and feelings and share them with other people. Many people take much longer to articulate their point of view clearly, so you can be proud of your communication skills.

However, do not forget that all people are different. Sometimes your directness and lack of compromise can hurt the feelings of others . Try to be more attentive and tactful when communicating with others.

If you saw a woman’s legs

Most likely, you are one of those people who carefully considers your words before speaking them. It often takes time for you to accurately express thoughts that reflect your feelings. By the way, sometimes this can lead to some confusion: you try hard to sort out your thoughts and sometimes say things that may seem contradictory .

There is no doubt that thinking before speaking is a good trait. However, remember that words are not always appropriate either . Sometimes it’s better to remain silent.

If you saw both male and female legs

You don’t like to think long about what you say. A thought came – you voiced it. This makes you an interesting conversationalist. You are smart, witty and quick to react. However, sometimes your train of thought is difficult to grasp , so it would be useful to still take a few seconds to think about it before expressing your thought. This will help avoid some problems in the future.

Did you like the test? Do you agree with his results?

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