George Clooney remarried amid rumors of problems in marriage with Amal.

As it became known, George Clooney got married again. Interestingly, this happened against the backdrop of a crisis in their marriage with Amal . It would seem that the haters can rejoice, because the man has once again confirmed his status as a playboy and an avid bachelor. However, in reality everything turned out to be far from being the case. What happened, you will find out with us in the next couple of minutes.

Divorce and maiden name approaching?

It would seem that George Clooney was able to easily secure his role as a ladies‘ man, an eligible bachelor and a breaker of women’s hearts. After all, as you probably know, before meeting Amal Alamuddin, the Hollywood handsome man managed to go through an unsuccessful marriage. Moreover, he has relationships with various models, actresses and even athletes.

When Clooney announced his engagement to a British lawyer in April 2014, few believed in a happy ending. What can we say, at the same moment many people appeared on the Internet doubting that the overseas beauty would be able to tame the avid bachelor. However, they were all wrong. After all, over 9 years of marriage, the man not only was not noticed in treason, but even became the happy father of twins – daughter Ella and son Alexander.

At first glance, it may seem that the star of the film „Ocean’s Eleven“ is finally enjoying the idyll. After all, he has a wonderful career, a loving wife and two heirs. But the press did not lose hope of catching the newly minted family man cheating. And, as you can already guess, hints appeared in the media about the actor’s adventures to the left again.

George Clooney married again

Moreover, insiders from the celebrity’s inner circle also add fuel to the fire. For example, according to sources, the romantic relationship between George and Amal is far from the same as it was when they met. Nevertheless, news soon appeared on the Internet, erasing all previous guesses and gossip.

You see, George Clooney got married again. And no, the actor did not find himself a new wife. As you know, in the fall a man and his chosen one will celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary. In order to renew their marriage vows, the couple decided to have another painting. Everything took place in a narrow circle on the shores of Lake Como.

Just like the first time, the couple decided to hold the event again in Venice, Italy. The ceremony itself took place at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. As you can see, there is no talk of any divorce yet. And I would like this not to happen. What do you think about this? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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