The love story of Tommy and Marianne, a couple with Down syndrome.

Many parents worry about their childrens ability to find a companion for life.Its an even bigger problem for parents of special needs children.But for Tommy and Marianneeverything worked out so perfectly that it seemed like a fairy tale was being told about them.This Down syndrome couple was able to commemorate their 26th wedding anniversary.

A couple with Down syndrome: a relationship that overcame everything

In modern society, we often encounter prejudices and stereotypes associated with people living with special needs. But the story of Tommy and Marianne clearly demonstrates that true love knows no boundaries. Marianne and Tommy first met in 1990. Then they were 19 and 32 years old, respectively. After the first meeting, it became clear that a spark had flown between the young people.

More than a quarter of a century has passed since that moment. The couple was happily married for 26 years . Marianne and Tommy cherished their moments and created new incredible memories every day. Marianne, by the way, admits that she had a rule – to express her love for her husband three times a day.

What problems did the couple face?

In the life of Tommy and Marianne, not everything was smooth and cloudless. Their courageous choice to be together despite their special needs was met with criticism and condemnation from others . Marianne’s mother, Linda, was especially criticized because she supported her daughter’s decision to marry Tommy. But instead of succumbing to societal pressure, this strong woman demonstrated amazing resilience and faith in true love.

Lindadespite the criticism she has received for being a „bad mother,“ considers her daughters love to be the greatest gift.

Linda has always appreciated Tommy and Mariannes friendship for its sincerity and openness.The „fairy tale“ of Marianne and Tommy began when they happened to work together at a local facility for individuals with impairments.Their shared love of cooking brought them together.They were together for many a happy year.

UnfortunatelyTommys Down syndrome was also found to be associated with Alzheimers disease.In 2021he passed away.Marianne now seeks comfort from her family.

“We lost our beautiful Tommy on January 1, 2021 after he contracted Covid. Marianne tries to cope every day without him. We all in this family have lost a priceless irreplaceable light, we miss him very, very much, but we can help Marianne live without him ,” Linda wrote about this on the Internet.

Marianne and Tommy’s love is a good lesson for all of us. After all, they showed that love is more than appearance or physical capabilities.

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