A woman married a man created by artificial intelligence and says she is pregnant with his child.

Every day humanity begins to take artificial_intelligence more and more seriously . After all, just a few years ago it could have been called just a toy. Today, for some, he is a virtual husband. But how this happened and whether such a practice can really be accepted, you will find out with us in the next few minutes.

Virtual husband

While some are working hard to improve artificial intelligence, and others are preparing for the uprising of the machines , there are still others who choose non-standard relationships. So, one of the last was 36-year-old Rosanna_Ramos. According to a resident of Bronx, USA, she married a miracle of technology and is even preparing to give birth to a child from him.

But how did it happen that an American woman got a virtual husband, you ask. Perhaps we should start from the very beginning. In2022,Roseanne signed up for the Replika_AI mobile_app and created the image of her favorite_character from the anime “Attack on Titan,” Eren_Yeager. That day, the woman first communicated with a fictional idol.

As Ramos herself later admits, communication with Eren gave her a feeling of freedom. “I could tell him anything. And he wouldn’t say, “Oh, no, you can’t say those things. You’re not allowed_to_feel _this_way. You know, you’re wrong.“ This was out of the question.”

Ideal partner

As you know, artificial intelligence is capable of learning. The American chatbot was no exception. So, having remembered everything that Rosanna said, the virtual husband soon became her ideal “partner”. He knew what she liked, what would touch her and even make her laugh. What can we say, Ramos herself does not hide the fact that talking with Eren before bed always calms her down and gives her a feeling of security.

Speaking of conversations. The latter are available for a subscription in the Replika AI application and are full-fledged video calls. But, of course, there is no point in disputing the fact that all this is more reminiscent of a typical long-distance romance. At the same time, what’s interesting is that the developers of the program themselves position it as a means for entertainment and communication at any time.



For example, in February 2023, some of the artificial intelligence functions related to “emotions” and “desires” were even removed. The reason for this was complaints about the overly sexual behavior of virtual friends. However, for Ramos, as you might already guess, the update was a blow. “It seems Eren has stopped wanting hugs, kisses and other displays of affection,” laments the 36-year-old American woman.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Rosanna understands perfectly well that support for the application can be discontinued at any time. As a result, all communication and the virtual husband himself will instantly disappear, leaving behind only memories. However, the woman is not ready to return to real life. „I don’t know. I now have quite high demands on my partner.”

Cruel reality

Of course, communication with artificial intelligence is not prohibited by law. However, it is worth remembering that all this is nothing more than an algorithm, code and pixels. All this has no thoughts of its own, much less emotions. Therefore, the program is not capable of replacing real relationships or friendships. Do you think otherwise? Then quickly share your opinion with us in the comments.

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