This year Demi Moore will turn 60 years old, more than half of which she devoted to acting. “Ghost”, “Indecent Proposal”, “Striptease”, “GI Jane” – let’s not be modest, an entire era in cinema is associated with her name. In the meantime, let’s remember how the talented actress and style icon has changed over the past 35 years.

Demetria Harmon (real name of the actress) began her career as a model. According to legend, at a modeling agency the girl met young Nastassya Kinski, who advised her to try her hand at acting.

Before taking Hollywood by storm, Demi corrected her bite, had a nose job, and got rid of her congenital strabismus. In pursuit of success and popularity, the young actress became addicted to alcohol and drugs. When director Joel Schumacher offered Demi a role in his film “St. Elmo’s Fire” in 1985, he set a strict condition – to give up addictions. Since then, the actress has been obsessed with a healthy lifestyle.

Luck did not favor the actress for a long time, but fate brought her together with Bruce Willis. In 1987, the celebrities got married. Her beloved husband not only became the father of her three children, but also seriously influenced her worldview and style.

It’s interesting that Demi Moore gave birth to her daughters not in a clinic, but at home. Each time her husband supported her. Their marriage was considered one of the strongest in Hollywood.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were not only successful actors, but also real style icons. Every time they appeared at social events, the star couple created a real sensation in the press.

The young mother was intensely involved in sports and could boast of a chic figure. In 1995, Demi wore a bikini to David Letterman’s evening show. We are sure that David could not sleep a wink that night.

This photo is from the premiere of the movie „GI Jane“ starring Demi Moore. After the release of this picture, the actress became a symbol of feminism.

A short haircut has become a celebrity’s calling card. Millions of women and girls easily got rid of their curls in the hope of being like their idol.

In the late 90s, Demi Moore dyed her hair blonde and looked like Madonna. She was never afraid to break stereotypes and demand exorbitant fees for her work. Gimme More (“Give me more”) is what film studio employees called the actress.

In 2005, the actress married handsome Ashton Kutcher and even changed her last name. The significant age difference (her husband was 16 years younger than her) gave rise to many rumors and speculation. In the end, the celebrities broke up due to Kutcher’s betrayal.

In 2012, Demi Moore turned sixty years old. But she still looked gorgeous, despite the painful breakup with her young husband. They say that the actress was even treated in a clinic for the effects of nervous exhaustion.

After the divorce, Demi was never able to improve her personal life. In pursuit of youth, she regularly visits cosmetologists‘ offices. Let’s not hide that the “beauty injections” greatly changed her appearance.

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